5 Best Airlines To Fly To New York [2023 Ranking]

The best airline to fly to New York City is JetBlue airline. New York to Los Angeles is a highly sought-after domestic route. Following our examination of the London to New York route, our focus now shifts to knowing the best airline to fly with to New York.

When it comes to choosing a plane, travelers have a wide range of alternatives to choose from. A lot of options, on the other hand, might lead to a lot of confusion. Find out which airline offers the most affordable flights between these two cities.

Best Airlines To Fly To New York [Top 5 Ranking]

  1. JetBlue


JetBlue is a major participant in New York‘s air travel industry. In addition, they provide some of their greatest service on the New York to Los Angeles route.


On this route, JetBlue solely uses Airbus A320s. So their airplanes and merchandise have more uniformity. However, a wide-bodied vehicle would be a welcome addition to a journey of this kind. But JetBlue still earns a 9 out of 10 in this area.

Onboard product

Compared to the other airlines that fly this route, JetBlue’s economy isn’t all that different. Their Mint, on the other hand, is what really sets them apart.

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The private rooms that result from the Mint’s lie-flat design are its strongest feature. The luxury suites on JetBlue have a door. These products, albeit not Qsuites, are nevertheless excellent.

JetBlue receives a perfect score of 10/10 for this product because of the additional seclusion provided by the few suites and the overall consistency of their offerings.

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JetBlue’s prices are comparable to those of the other airlines and here is their pricing:

Mint: $1,200-$2,200

Economy: $250-$500 (Although, on some dates, it does go as high as $800-900, though not very often)

There isn’t much of a price difference between JetBlue and the other major airlines. In addition, they have a competitive product. JetBlue earns a perfect score of 10 points in this category.


JetBlue gets a score of 37/40.

  1. American Airlines

American Airlines
American Airlines

By fleet size, American Airlines is the biggest U.S. airline. American Airlines’ mainline fleet of approximately 900 aircraft offers several flight choices between New York and Los Angeles. Now, let’s see what we can find.

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All of these flights use Airbus A321 planes. Most passengers would expect to see a two-class design with reclining first-class seatings in this case However, this is not the case with American’s A321, which will be discussed in the next section.

Compared to older aircraft, A321s are quieter and more fuel-efficient. This transcontinental route benefits greatly from their use. Despite this, they are not wide-bodied, which means they lose a point in terms of comfortability. Here, the United States earns a perfect score of 10.

Onboard product

To get there, American Airlines uses A321Ts. This is a three-class airplane, including first, business, and economy classes. Each of the 10 seats in this cabin can recline to a flat position.

The chairs in business class are also flat, which is a nice feature to have. Although, this is a 2-2 arrangement.

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3-3 is the normal layout for economy class. Power and entertainment for the rear seats are included with this package.

Compared to some of their other mainline aircraft, American’s in-flight amenities are good for this trip and better than some of their other planes. Evidently, America is attempting to gain market share among travelers who can afford more upscale accommodations. American offers a wide variety of alternatives for travelers to customize their flights. To put it another way, this gives Americans a perfect score.

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In the following cabins, roundtrip fares from New York to Los Angeles are as follows:

  1. Business: $1,100-$2,000
  2. First: $1,700-$2,500
  3. Economy: $250-$500

It’s possible to find a reasonable pricing range along this path. However, some of America’s rivals match these costs with a few superior hard and soft products. 9/10 for price in the United States.


This brings America to a final score of 36/40.

  1. Alaska Airlines

There are flights between New York City and Los Angeles operated by Alaska Airlines, which has its primary hub in Seattle. They inherited several of these routes as part of the Virgin America merger.


In terms of aircraft, Alaska uses a combination of Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 models. Because they are more recent, these narrowbodies are comparable to the earlier models. Also, Alaska Airlines is now undergoing a cabin renovation. However, since they are narrowbodies, these planes aren’t the most comfortable for passengers. This is a 9/10 for Alaska.

Onboard product

First and economy-class passengers may relax in comfort thanks to Alaska’s recliner-style seats. These planes are designed for everyday domestic usage and don’t provide much in the way of unique features or amenities.

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Alaska, on the other hand, loses some points for not offering lie-flat chairs in premium cabins as other airlines do.

Alaska gets a 7/10 for this section.


From New York to Los Angeles, the following cabins’ roundtrip fares are available:

  1. Business: $1,000-$2,000
  2. Economy: $250-$450

In terms of economics, Alaska’s rates are in line with those of its rivals. However, when compared to other airlines’ lie-flat seats, United’s business class product falls short. In terms of cost, Alaska receives an 8/10.


Alaska’s overall score is 33/40.

  1. Delta Air Lines

Currently, Delta has a strong presence in New York City. Moreover, this route allows Delta to generate a decent profit, although less than on other routes. Here are some of the highlights of Delta’s service.

Aircraft and onboard product

These portions for Delta will be combined and the individual scores for each component will be broken out at the conclusion.

Delta uses a variety of planes on this route. Airbus A330s, Boeing 767s, and Boeing 757s, all of which are getting on in years, are included in this category. Flying in business class on an A330 is your best bet since it’s the most recent model and has reverse herringbone seating.

The 767s, on the other hand, use an older model. Despite the fact that there is a 2-3-2 configuration in economics.

Finally, there’s a 757-200. The 757 lacks direct-aisle access as the 767 and A330 do. Furthermore, the 757’s economy class has a 3-3 arrangement. As compared to the 767 and A330, the 757 is a little less impressive product.

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Delta receives a 6/10 for airplanes because of the lack of consistency and the aging nature of the product in use.

A lie-flat bed is standard in Delta’s business-class goods, which is a plus for the airline. Due to product differences, Delta has lost a few points and now receives an 8/10 for its onboard product rating.

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  1. Cabin class costs are shown below:
  2. Delta One: $1,200-$2,300
  3. Economy: $240-460

Delta’s pricing is in line with those of its rivals. When it comes to value, we give Delta a 9 out of 10.


Delta’s overall score is 32/40

  1. United Airline

United Airlines rounds out the list. The major airline based in Newark’s airport is United. Let’s have a look at how they compare.


The desired Boeing 787-10 isn’t the most common plane on this trip. Instead, the Boeing 757 and Boeing 777 are at the top of the list.

As a result of the wide variety of aircraft and the predominance of older 757s, United receives an 8/10 rating.

Onboard product

Despite the 787-10’s real Polaris feature, the 757 and 777s won’t have it.

There are normally 2-4-2 business class seats on the 777s that fly this route. That is, in fact, correct.

These include the 2-2 757s. The 787, 777, and 757 all have lie-flat seats, however, there is a noticeable difference between the three. Despite the lack of uniformity among goods, the restricted Polaris availability, and the 2-4-2 777 business class, United’s onboard product receives a 7/10.

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Here is United’s pricing:

  1. Polaris: $1,200-$2,400
  2. Economy: $230-$400

Prices on United are reasonable. However, unlike other airlines, Frontier does not allow passengers traveling in the basic economy to bring a carry-on bag. United gets docked a point for this. United receives an 8/10 in terms of cost.

What Airline Is Best To New York?

The Best airline to fly to and from New York City is JetBlue airline.

Which Airport Is Cheapest To Fly Into NYC?

The cheapest airport to fly to and from in New York City is the New York LaGuardia Airport.

What Is The Cheapest Month To Fly To New York?

The cheapest of the month you can fly to New York is January of every year.

What is the best month to visit New York?

The best month to visit NYC is January.

Best Airline To Fly To New York From London?

The best airline you can take to New York City from London is JetBlue Airline.


Overall, JetBlue is a viable option for travelers between New York and Los Angeles. However, it is up to the individual traveler to choose what aspects of the voyage are most essential to them.

Elite status on certain airlines, for example, may enhance the experience since it can lead to upgrades and other privileges that would otherwise be unavailable to those who buy a ticket.

Between New York and Los Angeles, which airline do you prefer? Write about it below!