5 Best Luxury Airline To Fly To London

The best luxury airline to fly to London is the Emirate airline. It comes with trips full of fun, enjoyment, and all luxury you may think of traveling with.

Assume that low-cost air travel isn’t your cup of tea and that you’ve earned the money to reward yourself. Instead of squandering your hard-earned cash on an uncomfortable flight, why not fly in style?

There are several luxury airlines that fly to London, and we’ve narrowed it down to our top picks.

Top 5 Best Luxury Airline To Fly To London

In no particular sequence, these are some of my favorites:

  1. Emirates

Emirates Best Luxury Airline To Fly To London
Emirates Best Luxury Airline To Fly To London

Why? We’ve all seen Jennifer Aniston in Emirates commercials making her way to First Class, but how do they measure up in the real world?

Flying first class on an A380 or Boeing 777 will make you feel as if you’re in a five-star hotel.

For example,

All-you-can-eat fine dining is available at any time.

Emirates Private Collection Bvlgari amenity packages are included in the onboard shower spa. ”

At any moment, you may go to a luxurious bar.

There are also curtains, comfortable leather seats that can be converted into a bed, ambient lighting, and beautiful bedding to sleep in. The best part is that the cabin staff sets up your bed for you. It’s a dream come true to have your own home theater complete with a flat-screen TV and a selection of movies and TV series to watch.

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  1. Cathay Pacific

This international airline has a stellar reputation for providing first-rate service, so you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands. A relaxing pillow spray and 600-thread-count linens on full-length beds await you. With any luck, you’ll be well-rested when you arrive in the capital.

It is possible to convert the first-class suites into a working place by adding privacy doors, in-seat electricity, and complimentary WiFi.

Additionally, you may enjoy a la carte eating with sustainable and ethically-sourced products and fine vintage wines. In addition, you’ll get access to in-flight entertainment on an 18.5-inch HD screen with noise-canceling headphones. Choose from a variety of TV series to binge-watch, as well as the most recent Hollywood blockbusters.

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  1. Etihad Airways

Etihad and its A380 planes are a must-have in any premium airline comparison. You may have your meals prepared by an in-flight chef, or you can customize the menu to your preferences and dietary restrictions. There’s also a wine selection and wine matching for those who like a more unique experience.

Your seat converts into a full-length bed, and the crew prepares it for you when you’re ready to sleep. The WiFi is free, and a lovely Acqua di Parma amenity package is provided. Cologne, an eye mask, and socks are among the essentials, and if you’re in need of a shaving kit, the team can offer one for you.

From JFK, Etihad offers a number of connections to London, one of which is the Etihad Residence, a luxurious hotel offering five-star service. As the airline’s most luxurious package, it includes a 6’10” bed in the bedroom, as well as a bathroom and a living area. It’s very mind-blowing!

  1. Air France

A380 and 777-300ER first-class service are referred to as La Première by the French airline. A memory foam mattress, a fluffy duvet, and plush pillows are included in your first-class cabin seat’s 6ft 5″ bed configuration.

You also receive your own cloakroom storage area and a touchscreen entertainment service from which you may access music, television programs, and movies.

Every one of our favorite luxury airlines offers access to their first-class lounges at your departure airport as well as a chauffeur-driven car service to take you there.

However, owing to COVID-19 limitations, it was not obvious whether these services were still offered at the time of writing.

  1. Qatar Airline

Qatar Airways
Qatar Airways

The last on this list is Qatar airline. This airline is heavily funded and it has all you need to enjoy a luxurious trip down to any country of your choice.


So, if you are planning to fly a first-class trip to London at the same time considering luxury, this is a one-time stop shop you can check out the airlines listed here.

If there is any airline or flight company we have not included on this list, kindly drop via the comment section below.