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Don’t Be a Monkey With Your Finances

How often do you stop to think about why you do things the way you do? It’s very possible you have a good reason, but do you remember what that is? Sometimes we get so set in our ways; it’s …

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buy a new car

Why Buying a New Car Is a Bad Investment

One highly desired item on many people’s wish lists is a new car. And not just a new-to-you car, but a brand spankin’, first-time owner, customize to your heart’s desire new car. While the allure of a new car is …

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woman holding card and present to sell gift cards online

8 Ways to Sell Gift Cards Online

Check out these marketplaces where you can sell gift cards online instantly for cash! Gift Cards are loved by consumers all over the world. They can also be called gift certificates or gift tokens. To simplify its definition, gift cards are an …

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debt relief

Get the Millionaire Mindset With 30+ Money Affirmations

Getting a hold of our finances can be difficult. What can make it even more difficult is believing that you don’t have the power to change your habits. Therefore, not having the ability to improve your financial situation. It’s true that some aspects are beyond our control, but there are many we can control.

One of the most significant aspects is our mindset around money. By simply having a better mindset about money, you can begin to be better with money. One strategy some people use to improve their money mindset is using money affirmations to give themselves an extra boost of confidence. 

travel while in debt

Should You Travel While in Debt?

If you asked me the same question 2 years back, my answer would have been “NO.” Why? Because traveling was one of the main reasons for my debt. After realizing that I was in utter financial trouble, I stopped traveling, …

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consumerism to frugalism

How to Shift Your Mindset From Consumerism to Frugalism

The Mindset There is a fundamental truth that everyone must understand: our world is built on consumerism. Consumerism is an economic ideology that encourages the insatiable acquisition of goods and services, with the ultimate driving factor being money. But what …

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Best Travel Quotes To Help Reduce Stress

You finally booked your trip! You’re excited and can’t wait to relax and unwind. Then reality settles in that you have a ton of planning and packing to do. Although traveling is so exciting, there is a lot of stress …

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