Fathers Day Gifts for Frugal Dads

I think all the dads out there will agree that Father’s Day clearly takes a back seat to Mother’s Day. The moms out there (and for a good reason) get a big celebration, and the dads typically get a tie or other generic gift. I’m not sure whose idea it was to have Father’s Day only one short month after our celebration of moms, but even without a big to-do, there’s no reason we dads can’t get a thoughtful gift.

For me, part of being frugal means accumulating less stuff. Over the past few years, most of the gifts I like are ones that are more experience-oriented or something that I can consume, and it’s gone. Below are a few ideas you can get for the dad in your life following the frugal lifestyle.


I’m going straight to the big guns here. I think it’s a well-known fact Dads like to kick back and relax with an alcoholic beverage from time to time. What better way to help them do that than getting them a bottle of their favorite liquor?

Mine happens to be single malt scotch, but you tweak this idea to better suit your dad. There’s always quite the price range, but there are plenty of quality brands in the $40 range. If his favorite doesn’t fall into the frugal category, find out if he’s open to trying something new.

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Maybe the dad you are looking for isn’t really into liquor. Good thing there is always beer! With the explosion of craft brews over the past few years, there is a six-pack out there for everyone’s unique preference.

Maybe there is even a local brewery he fancies you can pick up a growler from. In some places, you can even mix and match to create your own six-pack giving your dad a variety pack of his favorite beers. In any case, spending $25-$30 on a couple of six-packs is a great way to help dad enjoy his day.

Drinking Accessories

Sticking with the alcohol theme I have going here, I’ve got one more idea. If you’re not certain on which liquor or beer to get, you can always provide a better drinking experience. Yes, this goes against my personal “no stuff” gift philosophy, but that’s just me.

There’s always a better way to drink your alcohol that dads will appreciate. Something as simple as a new glass, can help make the experience more enjoyable.


Next up, we have another drink that is a Dad staple, coffee. Similar to the liquor\beer option, craft coffee has become a big market in recent years as well. There are all sorts of flavors and brews out there that will accommodate any dad’s taste buds. Although I prefer to buy whole-bean coffee, Moose Munch has become a personal favorite of mine when receiving it as a gift.

Along with coffee comes the accessories aspect. There are many different ways to brew your favorite cup of joe, and most won’t break the bank.

Hot Sauce

I know I keep saying this, but the Hot Sauce market has exploded in recent years as well. If the dad in your life is a fan, this is a great thing. Again, there is a level of heat and flavor for everyone’s preference. You can go with anything from a mild tickle to a face melting heat. Whatever the preference, there is something out there that will make dad happy.

If you have more of a DIY kind of guy in your life, do a search for Hot Sauce Making Kits. Most will come with all the ingredients you need and some simple instructions (ha, like we read instructions) to follow at a reasonable price.


They say the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and I think it’s pretty safe to say that most dads love their meats, so why not make that a gift? A $25 dollar steak might be expensive to buy on a regular basis, but as a Father’s Day gift, it’s right in the frugal wheelhouse.

There are tons of cuts you get to make a special dinner that any man would love. There are tons of other meat-related ideas as well, including jerky, sausage, salami, pepperoni, and name a slice of meat, and there is a good gift idea out there for it.

It’s also a little-known fact that dads love to grill. If you don’t want to go the meat route, you can always find a few accessories to add to his grilling experience.


Now we’re thinking out of the box. Offer to do some of the chores or labor dad would normally do for a few days or weeks even. Take out the trash, mow the lawn, whatever. If dad doesn’t have to do it, he’ll be happy. Best of all, this is totally free. If you really want to get creative, make it a “coupon book” so dad can cash in whenever he wants.

Tools (Used of Course)

You know what else dads love, tools, of course! Again going against my personal preference, but we do need some stuff, right? At least a tool will help make dads life a little easier for years to come. Tools can be expensive, so start looking around for used ones, and if something catches your eye, make sure to snatch it up quickly before someone else does.

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Dads may not get the big to-do that moms do, but that doesn’t mean we should forget about them completely. There are lots of great Father’s Day gifts for frugal dads out there. If the dad in your life is as frugal as me, he may subscribe to the “less stuff” philosophy as well. Above are just a few items with that in mind to get you started.


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