5 Best Kauai Helicopter Tours: Soar Above Paradise

Imagine soaring like a bird, high above the breathtaking landscapes of Kauai, leaving behind the confinements of your everyday life. As you ascend toward the heavens, all your worries and stress dissipate, replaced by a newfound sense of freedom and wonder.

This is what it feels like to embark on one of Kauai’s premier helicopter tours – an experience that will truly transport you to another world.

You deserve this escape from reality, so let us guide you through the 5 best Kauai helicopter tours that will take your breath away.

Tourist looking out a 'doors off' helicopter soaring above the Na Pali Coast

I’ll share insider knowledge about each tour’s unique features and experiences while providing helpful tips for choosing the perfect time of day for your flight and how much to tip your pilot.

Get ready for an adventure in paradise as we explore these exhilarating excursions together!

My Top Picks: Best Helicopter Tours on Kauai

top overall pick

Kauai ECO Adventure Helicopter Tour
✔️ Reduced overflight noise by 50%
✔️ Wide viewing windows

TOP Doors Off tour

Hughes 500 Helicopter Tour
✔️ Max of 4 passengers
✔️ Unobstructed views with no windows

Top 5 Kauai Helicopter Tours

1. Kauai ECO Adventure Helicopter Tour

You’ll be blown away by the breathtaking views and exceptional service on the Kauai ECO Adventure Helicopter Tour.

This tour is perfect for those who crave adventure while being environmentally conscious, as it utilizes eco-friendly practices with its new Eurocopter Eco-Star helicopter that reduces overflight noise by 50%.

View of the amazing Napoli coast from a helicopter

Kauai Helicopter Tour Key Points

  • ???? 50-minute helicopter tour of Kauai
  • ???? Take in outstanding aerial views of the island, including Na Pali Coast, Waimea Canyon, and waterfalls
  • ???? New Eurocopter Eco-Star helicopter reduces overflight noise by 50%
  • ????️ Communicate with the pilot via two-way radio
  • ???? Enjoy business class-style seats with wide-viewing windows
  • ????‍???? Wheelchair accessible

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Not only will you experience some of the most stunning aerial views of Kauai’s Na Pali Coast, Waimea Canyon, and waterfalls, but you’ll also have an opportunity to spot wildlife in their natural habitat.

Immerse yourself in sustainable tourism as your state-certified tour guide shares insider knowledge about Kauai’s geology and ecosystem throughout your 50-minute flight.

Such an incredible way to see the island! The views were absolutely spectacular. Robert was great, explaining the history of the different locations. Just a great tour all around!


With business class-style seats and wide viewing windows, you can comfortably take in the beauty of rainforest exploration from above while communicating with your pilot via a two-way radio.

Most customers agree that this helicopter tour offers a must-do experience with a highly recommended pilot who provides insightful commentary about this incredible island.

So go ahead – discover Kauai like never before with the ECO Adventure Helicopter Tour!

BOOK Your ECO Adventure Helicopter Tour Today!

2. PRIVATE Kauai Helicopter Tour with NO MIDDLE SEATS

Experience an unparalleled private helicopter tour with no middle seats, offering breathtaking views of Kauai’s most stunning landscapes and unforgettable memories.

This exclusive scenic flight is perfect for a romantic getaway, or those seeking a more intimate experience, as every seat on the tour has unobstructed views of Kauai’s natural beauty.

Kauai Helicopter Tour Key Points

  • ???? Every seat on this private helicopter tour is a window seat with no middle seats – only your group will participate.
  • ???? This 1-hour tour allows you to see all of Kauai’s most beautiful spots in a single trip, including areas only accessible by helicopter.
  • ???? Flexible booking options are available, with free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance.

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Your knowledgeable pilot and guide will take you on a thrilling adventure through exclusive routes, showcasing hidden gems such as the ‘Jurassic Park Falls’ (Manawaiopuna Falls) and areas only accessible by helicopter.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to capture incredible photo opportunities of Kauai’s picturesque waterfalls, canyons, mountains, and coastline all in one trip.

First off, all of the staff were wonderful! They welcomed us, clearly explained what would be happening and what we needed to know. This included our pilot, Guy. He was knowledgeable, kind and very entertaining. We had a fantastic time with him in the air. This may be in the top 5 of our “Best Things We’ve Ever Done! EVER!


As you soar above the island with your loved ones, embrace the freedom that comes from exploring Kauai’s spectacular landscapes from a bird’s-eye view.

With flexible booking options available for specific dates in 2023 and free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance, there’s never been a better time to treat yourself to this ultimate private experience that will create lasting memories for years to come.

3. Doors Off Air Kauai Helicopter Tour

Prepare to have your mind blown as the doors come off and you’re left dangling above the majestic landscapes of paradise, feeling the rush of wind against your face during this one-of-a-kind Air Kauai helicopter tour.

Embrace the adrenaline rush as you soar over lush rainforests, towering cliffs, and cascading waterfalls with unobstructed views thanks to the special doorless helicopter.

Jurassic Falls with a lush green forest surrounding it

Kauai Helicopter Tour Key Points

  • ???? Special doorless helicopter provides unbeatable views
  • ???? The 45-minute tour provides aerial views of Kauai’s lush rainforests, cliffs, and waterfalls
  • ????‍????‍???? Personal, small-group helicopter tour capped at six people
  • ???? Don’t forget to wear your lace-up tennis shoes

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This thrilling experience is a feast for your eyes and an opportunity for enhanced photography that captures every breathtaking moment without any hindrance.

Enjoy this intimate small-group tour that takes you along the Na Pali Coast and above the famous ‘Jurassic Park’ waterfall, offering a unique perspective on Kauai’s natural wonders.

Fabulous experience. Our pilot Steve was fantastic. Very skilled and knowledgeable, as he shared historical and local information throughout the flight. Views were breathtaking. Would highly recommend this experience to others.


The knowledgeable pilot will guide you through these awe-inspiring sights while providing interesting facts about each location.

The 45-minute flight guarantees an immersive experience that leaves you craving more exploration around this beautiful island.

Take a leap and book your exhilarating ‘doors off’ Air Kauai helicopter tour today – it’s guaranteed to be an experience that’ll set your spirit free!

4. Hughes 500 Helicopter Tour on Kauai

Prepare for an unforgettable adventure with the Hughes 500 Helicopter Tour on Kauai. You’ll witness breathtaking landscapes and hidden gems, leaving you in awe.

This doors-off experience offers unparalleled views of enchanting sites like Hanalei, Waialeale Crater, Manawaiopuna Falls, and other mesmerizing scenery.

Colorful coastline of Kauai

Kauai Helicopter Tour Key Points

  • ???? The Hughes 500 Helicopter tour in Kauai is doors-off excursion with no middle rear seats
  • ???? The tour lasts approximately 50 minutes and can be booked online or by phone
  • ???? The tour includes views of Manawaiopuna Falls, Waimea Canyon State Park, and other landmarks
  • ???? Two-way communication headsets are provided

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With no middle rear seats, the Hughes 500 Helicopter Tour ensures that every passenger gets a front-row view of Kauai’s natural beauty.

During your approximately 50-minute flight, you’ll soar over famous aerial sites such as Waimea Canyon State Park while staying connected with your pilot through two-way communication headsets.

One of the best experiences! Incredible views that are not available any other way. Kyle the pilot was both quite competent flying , and good entertainment along the way.. would definitely recommend this trip!


The knowledgeable pilots will provide insightful information about the island’s history and landscape throughout the journey.

Trust me, it’s worth every penny for a once in a lifetime opportunity to see Kauai from above.

5. Deluxe Waterfall Safari Kauai Helicopter Excursion

Discover a world of jaw-dropping beauty on the Deluxe Waterfall Safari Kauai Helicopter Excursion, where you’ll feel like you’re flying through paradise.

This 55-minute aerial adventure takes you soaring over some of Kauai’s most stunning natural landscapes, including the Na Pali Coast, Waimea Canyon, and countless breathtaking waterfalls.

Kauai Helicopter Tour Key Points

  • ???? Duration: 55 minutes
  • ???? Small-group helicopter tour over Kauai’s attractions, like the Na Pali Coast and Waimea Canyon
  • ???? Flights depart from airport after shuttle transport
  • ????‍????‍???? Group size limited to 6 people

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Along the way, your friendly and knowledgeable pilot will share fascinating insights into local traditions and hidden gems that make this island unique.

With group sizes limited to just six people, you can be sure this experience will be intimate and unforgettable.

We had an amazing flight with Safari helicopters! Words can’t describe how beautiful the sights were. Our pilot, Max, was cool and confident. We had the best time!


This deluxe excursion is perfect for those seeking a break from the everyday hustle and bustle as they immerse themselves in Kauai’s unparalleled beauty.

From its lush tropical rainforests to its dramatic cliffs and cascading falls, this helicopter tour is an unbeatable way to explore everything that makes Kauai one of Hawaii’s most enchanting destinations.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime!

Kauai Helicopter Tour FAQs

What is the best time of day to take a helicopter ride in Kauai?

To truly experience the wonders of Kauai from above, consider booking a morning helicopter ride. It typically offers optimal flying conditions and captivating scenery.

Morning flights are preferred over evening ones due to the generally clearer weather conditions. Clouds and rain often roll in during the afternoon, which can hinder visibility.

Plus, early morning light casts dramatic shadows on the landscape, enhancing the natural beauty of Kauai’s diverse terrain. Wildlife sightings may also be more frequent during these times, adding an extra element of excitement to your tour.

When deciding between morning and evening tours, remember that while late afternoons offer stunning lighting for the Napali Coast, mornings still provide better overall flying conditions.

If you’re an avid photographer looking to capture spectacular shots of Kauai’s breathtaking vistas, opt for a morning flight with soft lighting that’s ideal for photographing the Napali Coast.

How much do you tip a helicopter pilot on Kauai?

When considering how much to tip your helicopter pilot on Kauai, it’s generally appreciated if you offer 10-20% of the tour cost, with pilots often being thrilled to receive $20 per couple as a tip.

While tipping is not required, it’s always welcomed and can make a significant difference for pilots who usually don’t get compensated as well as one might think, given the high price of tours.

Pilot tipping etiquette varies, but remember that gratuity expectations are higher in Hawaii due to its elevated cost of living. So if you’ve enjoyed an incredible aerial adventure and want to show your appreciation, consider following local tipping customs and giving generously.

Suppose you had an exceptional tour where the pilot went above and beyond to provide unforgettable memories or share insider knowledge about Kauai’s hidden gems. In that case, it may warrant a more generous tip.

Appreciating pilots for their hard work and expertise helps them financially and shows that you value their efforts as a guest.

Wrapping It Up…

Imagine soaring above the breathtaking landscapes of Kauai, gazing down at its lush green valleys and cascading waterfalls.

Don’t wait any longer; book your Kauai helicopter tour today! After experiencing one of these top 5 helicopter tours, you’ll truly understand why Kauai is known as the Garden Isle.

And remember, whether it’s a private tour or doors off experience, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable journey in paradise.

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