12 Best Non-Alcoholic Mexican Drinks to Try in 2023

Mexico has numerous non-alcoholic drinks for all tastes thanks to the enormous variety of fruits, leaves, flowers, roots, bark, and other natural ingredients used for their preparation.


What is Pinole and How do You Make It?

Pinole is a traditional food that has its origins in pre-Hispanic times. It is made from corn flour, sweetened with piloncillo or sugar, and mixed with cinnamon.

comiteco drink bottles

Comiteco, an Agave Spirit from Comitan ChiapasĀ 

If you are a fan of mezcal, tequila, or any other agave-distilled beverage, you will surely like Comiteco, a 500-year-old drink from Comitan, a municipality in the state of Chiapas.

how to drink mezcal

How to Drink Mezcal Like a Pro: Tips and Guide

Mezcal is a traditional Mexican drink gradually gaining worldwide popularity, attracting many people’s interest. However, as with any other distillate, Mezcal is quite strong and possesses a delicate smoky note that should be carefully appreciated.

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