31 UNIQUE Things To Do In Tulum, Mexico: A Complete Guide

Tulum, Mexico, is a bohemian beach town situated between the Mayan jungle and the Caribbean Sea. This coastal utopia in the Riviera Maya is famous for its white sand beaches, sparkling blue water, and hot Caribbean sun.

Travelers venture to Tulum because of its unique bohemian flair. There’s an endless amount of things to do in Tulum that will balance the mind, body, and soul.

Tulum, Mexico, is one of the top highlights of the state of Quintana Roo, located in the Yucatan Peninsula about two hours south of Cancun. Tulum delights all its guests with attractions, including everything from Mayan ruins to famous beach clubs.

A trip to Tulum will be much more impressive than any other beach vacation!

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Best Time To Visit Tulum

The ideal time to visit Tulum, Mexico, for a beach getaway is from December to April. During these months, the weather is exemplary, with minimal rain and sunny weather. 

There will be no red tide during this time, which makes it perfect for swimming. December to April is the high season in Tulum, which comes with a few pros and cons.

Pros of Visiting During High-Season:

Best Weather

During this time, you can expect temperatures anywhere from 70-90°F. This is the dry season, so rain will be sparse.

Ideal Swimming Conditions

Red tide is a season of algae that washes on the shores of white sand beaches and can impact swimming ability. It typically happens between April-October. If you visit during this time, you will see nothing but gorgeous beaches.

More Things To Do In Tulum Than Other Time Of The Year

As this is the most popular time to visit Tulum, all amenities will be open, and extra events will occur to appeal to the increase in travelers.

Cons of Visiting During High-Season:

Higher Prices On Transportation and Accommodation

Due to the influx of tourists during this season, there will be higher rates on a hotel room or Airbnb.


Tulum is a small town with only a few roads. During high season, it can take longer than usual to get to the Hotel Zone and Tulum Pueblo. 

Also, expect taxis and transportation to be more expensive.


Many people visit Tulum during these months due to the holidays. Crowds are more common during this time than at any other time of the year.

This means long lines at the grocery store, packed beaches, and lots of traffic!

Tulum is fabulous year-round, with a few subtle differences each season. If any of these cons are a deal breaker for you, consider traveling to Tulum during the low season.

During the low season, you will find fewer crowds and lower prices. The only downside, for some, is the jungle rain storms.

Jungle rain is the perfect way to cool off from the hot and humid weather. If rain doesn’t bother you, consider visiting Tulum, Mexico, during the off-season!

31 Things To Do In Tulum

Tulum, Mexico, has a wealth of things to do and see. So much that you could be busy for months. All types of travelers come to Tulum for many different reasons. 

Tulum is home to solo travelers, wellness travelers, luxury travelers, and party seekers. No matter your travel interest, Tulum will be able to accommodate you

These are the 31 things to do in the Tulum area, which are sure to keep you busy.

1 – Salsa Dancing At Palma Central

Palma Central hosts a Salsa Dancing Class every Tuesday at 7:00 pm. The entrance fee is about 50 pesos.

There is a live band and plenty of dining and drink options if you also choose to eat there. This experience is like no other!

Palma Central has many options for dining. At Palma Central, you can find almost any cuisine, from tacos to sushi.

Even if you cannot dance, get out on the floor and experience a Salsa Night at Palma Central.

2 – See The Tulum Ruins

The Tulum Mayan Ruins sit on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea. The Tulum ruins are accessible by foot from the Tulum Archaeological Zone.

There is a daily fee to enter the Tulum Mayan Ruins, and it is best to arrive early in the morning, before the crowds.

3 – Spend A Day At Holistika Tulum Hotel

Holistika Hotel has a synergistic combination of modern luxuries and natural wonders. The hotel sits within the Mayan jungle yet does not fail to impress the modern traveler.

It is easy to spend a few days within Holistika exploring their facilities. The property features two yoga shalas, a ceremonial dome, a plant-based restaurant and cafe, a vegan market, the Holistika boutique, a jungle art walk, many pools, and a tree house.

4 – Get A Tan Under The Caribbean Sun

When visiting Tulum, take advantage of the hot Caribbean sun and catch some rays on the beautiful beaches of Tulum. The beaches in Tulum are either public beaches or affiliated with a beach resort.

Your ideal beach day will determine which beach is best for you. If you are a beachgoer with no need for anything but the Caribbean Sea, public beaches are perfect for you.

Best Public Beaches in Tulum

Across The Street From Potheads

The best public beach in Tulum, which goes unnamed as the best beaches do, is in the hotel zone across from Potheads.

This beach is quiet and private, perfect for low-key beach days.

Playa Maya

Playa Maya is the beach area in front of the Ikal Tulum Hotel. This is a great spot if you enjoy a relaxing beach day with a little bit of action.

You can park for free at Ikal Tulum Hotel if you dine at their beachfront restaurant. If you won’t be eating, free public parking is available before Ikal.

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5 – Party At A Famous Beach Club

Tulum is the perfect place to have a couple of drinks on the sand and enjoy some good music. If this is right up your alley, you should consider spending the day at one of Tulum’s famous beach bars.

Best Beach Clubs

Our Habitas

Habitas is by far the most impressive beach club in Tulum. The hotel features an oceanfront infinity pool, beach bar, and daily DJ sets.

Habitas hosts many musical events in this pristine location. To keep up with their events, follow them on Instagram.

Mia Beach Club

Mia Beach Club is a part of Selina Tulum. At Mia, you can find an oceanfront pool and daily beach parties.

It is always a party at Mia, making it the perfect beach club for partygoers.

6 – Have Coffee At KiBok Cafe

Every day should start with coffee, especially on vacation! The best coffee in Tulum is at KiBok Cafe.

KiBok is in Tulum Pueblo next to Tulum Jungle Gym. Make sure to try the vanilla latte.

7 – Experience A Temescal Ceremony

Temescal is a Mayan ceremony that takes place inside a sweat lodge. 

The shaman will teach you about the connection between humans and the four elements. Temescal is great for physical and emotional cleansing.

The ceremony lasts around three hours and is a must for wellness travelers! The best place to attend a Temescal Ceremony is Espiritu Wellness in Tulum Pueblo.

They host Temescal sessions every Tuesday at 4:30 pm.

8 – Adventure To A Few Of Tulum’s Cenotes

One of the most unique parts of Tulum is the cenotes. A cenote is a naturally occurring spring of water in a cave or a sinkhole.

Cenotes have clear and cleansing water. After taking a dip in a cenote, you will feel light and clear as the water has healing properties.

Most cenotes have an entrance fee which is good for one day.

One of the locals’ favorite cenotes is Corazon Del Paraiso, which means the heart of paradise. This cenote is in the shape of a heart.

9 – Walk Around Downtown Tulum

Tulum Town, aka Tulum Pueblo, has a plethora of authentic Mexican cuisine. Spend a day exploring Tulum Town and grab a few souvenirs.

Tulum Town during the day is great for shopping and eating. When the sun goes down and the bars open up, get ready for the partygoers to arrive.

10 – Spend A Day In Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve

Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve is the beach area south of the Hotel Zone in Tulum Beach. Sian Ka’an is, for the most part, uninhabited, leaving the beaches untouched and the surrounding jungle pristine.

You can rent a dirt bike or an ATV to adventure through Sian Ka’an. The road is quite bumpy, making it suitable for scooters and a bit rough for cars. Make sure to fill up on gas before you go.

11 – Take A Day Trip To Chichen Itza (A UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Chichen Itza is an ancient city built by the Mayans. Chichen Itza is about two hours outside of Tulum.

To get to Chichen Itza, you will need to rent a car or book a private tour.

12 – Snorkel The Coral Reefs

There are plenty of snorkeling options in Tulum. This is due to the crystal clear waters and numerous cenotes.

There are many snorkeling tours available near the Tulum Ruins, where you can snorkel over a coral reef. If you prefer to explore cenotes, they will have snorkeling gear available for rent.

13 – Play Beach Volleyball At Ikal Tulum Hotel

Ikal Tulum Hotel is a hub for community events in Tulum. They even have a beach volleyball court near the juice bar.

You can always find someone to start a pickup-up game of beach volleyball at Ikal.

14 – Taste Authentic Mexican Tacos

When traveling to Mexico, eating tacos is a no-brainer. If you want to try authentic Mexican tacos, dine at a food truck in Tulum Pueblo.

15 – Attend A Mezcal Tasting

Mexico and tequila go hand in hand. It would only be a proper trip to Mexico with a Mezcal tasting.

You can find Mezcal at almost every restaurant in Tulum. To get the full experience, you should learn from the pros and attend a tasting.

16 – Explore The Tulum Archaeological Zone

The Archaeological Zone in Tulum is a bit more untapped than the Hotel Zone. It is a great spot to cruise through on a bike or moped.

The Archaeological Site has pristine white beaches, teal blue water, and lush palm trees. Toward the end, you’ll find an entryway to the Tulum Mayan Ruins.

The end of the Tulum Archaeological Zone has a pathway to the Tulum Ruins. It is not accessible by car or scooter, but you can walk or ride a bike.

17 – See The Mayan Ruins At Coba Ruins

The Coba Ruins is another ancient Mayan city in Mexico. These ancient Mayan ruins are an hour outside of Tulum and can be reached by car or bus.

Explore the Coba Mayan Ruins and experience the roots of Mayan civilization and culture.

18 – Scuba Dive In A Cenote

A cenote is a paradise for scuba diving. Crystal clear water, no current, and caves to explore. Spend a day scuba diving in a cenote, you won’t regret it.

19 – Attend A Party In A Treehouse Club

Tulum Treehouse hosts parties and events in a treehouse. It wouldn’t be a trip to the jungle without a Treehouse Party.

20 – Learn About Mayan Culture From The Locals

The Mayans were one of the first civilizations. The Mayans have a wealth of deep wisdom that began in 1697 CE.

The Mayans can teach you anything and everything, from food to spiritual wellness. You can carry this wisdom with you for the rest of your life.

Many of the things to do in Tulum, including the Chichen Itzá and the Coba Ruins, are sacred to the Mayan people. The Yucatan Peninsula holds knowledge that can be traced back centuries.

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21 – Get A Mayan Belly Massage

A Mayan Belly Massage is an abdominal massage technique created by the Mayans. This massage is great for improving digestive and reproductive health.

One of the best places to get a Mayan Belly Massage is Espiritu Wellness in Tulum Pueblo.

22 – Listen To Live Music At Ikal Tulum Hotel’s Beach Bar

Ikal Tulum Hotel has oceanfront live music every day. Dine at their restaurant on the sand or enjoy a drink on a day bed.

After leaving Tulum, you may find that all you need to be happy is some tunes and an ocean breeze.

23 – Attend An Oceanfront Sunrise Yoga Class

There is a massive yoga community in Tulum. An oceanfront sunrise yoga class is every yogi’s dream.

Ikal Tulum Hotel hosts a sunrise yoga class in their oceanfront shale every morning. Start your day off right and soak up the sun before everyone else.

Ikal Tulum Hotel is located North of Playa Paraiso in the Tulum Archaeological Site. The hotel has free parking for visitors if you show your receipt from the class or restaurant.

You can even have breakfast and a coffee on the sand post-yoga at Ikal’s restaurant.

24 – Rent Bikes And Explore Tulum Beach

Tulum Beach is an aesthetic wonder that can be hard to appreciate by driving through. Explore Tulum Beach by bike, and you will be in awe of its architectural wonders.

25 – See The Famous Wooden Sculpture At Ahua Tulum

The most Instagrammable and Pinterest-worthy spot in Tulum is at Ahua. This wooden sculpture broke the internet and is one of the most popular things to do in Tulum.

Ahau Tulum is next to Raw Love in the Hotel Zone in Tulum Beach.

26 – Get A Workout In At Tulum Jungle Gym

A proper workout in the jungle can only be at Tulum Jungle Gym, where all the weights and equipment are wooden.

Tulum Jungle Gym has two locations, one is beachfront, and the other is in Tulum Town next to KiBok Cafe.

You might even see Diplo!

27 – Take A Day Trip To Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen is a popular tourist destination a short drive away from Tulum. Playa Del Carmen is a great place to shop for something to show from your trip to Mexico!

28 – Have A Burrito At Burrito Amor

Burrito Amor is in Tulum Town and famous for their, well, burritos. With a healthy flair for Mexican food, Burrito Amor is perfect for travelers who don’t want to cheat on vacation.

One of the most popular burritos is the pork and pineapple burrito; give it a try!

29 – Explore Wellness Classes And Activities

If you’re looking for more relaxing things to do in Tulum, explore Tulum’s wellness community. Tulum has a host of yoga, meditation, ceremonial, and art classes. Almost everywhere you go will have some sort of wellness activity.

Make your vacation even more relaxing by exploring Tulum’s wellness offerings.

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30 – Have Dinner In Tulum Centro

Tulum Centro has some of the best authentic Mexican food. If you have spent most of your time in Tulum Beach, you should venture into Tulum Centro to get a true feel for Tulum.

31 – Spend An Evening At Raum Gallery

Raum Gallery is an Asian-inspired restaurant in the La Veleta neighborhood of Tulum. With unmatched hospitality, delectable cuisine, and a vibe like no other, Raum Gallery is the place to be.

See for yourself and dine at Raum.

31 UNIQUE Things To Do In Tulum, Mexico: Conclusion

Despite being a small town, Tulum is jam-packed with activities for every kind of traveler. Do not worry about boredom in Tulum! While visiting Tulum, Mexico, appreciate the simple things. 

Savor the taste of the food and the feel of the sun on your skin. The energy of the people and the wonders of Caribbean nature is what brings magic to the small beach town of Tulum.

Vacations don’t always have to be grand and luxurious; they can be beautiful and simple at the same time. Tulum is a place where beauty and simplicity merge. 

This combination creates the most unforgettable experiences in the Riviera Maya.

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