12 Most Acclaimed Mexican Wines: Toast to Excellence!

Hey folks! Today, we’ll explore some of the best and most popular Mexican wines.

Amidst sprawling vineyards, against a backdrop of breathtaking landscapes, Mexico’s wine industry has flourished and gained recognition on the international stage.

From the valleys of Baja California to the high-altitude regions of central Mexico, Mexican winemakers have perfected their craft, producing exceptional wines that rival some of the world’s finest vintages.

Unveiling the gems of Mexico’s wine scene, we will explore the vineyards that have been sculpted by the region’s diverse microclimates, distinct terroirs, and the unwavering commitment of winemakers dedicated to pushing the boundaries of quality.

These extraordinary wines embody the essence of Mexico, encapsulating the rich cultural heritage, the vibrant flavors of its cuisine, and the spirit of innovation that has taken root in this ancient winemaking land.

Get ready to embark on a sensory adventure where passion, heritage, and innovation blend seamlessly in every bottle, inviting wine enthusiasts from around the globe to toast to excellence.

12 Most Acclaimed Mexican Wines

1. Nebbiolo La Cetto – Valle de Guadalupe

best mexican wines

One of the main wine producers in the Guadalupe Valley, Baja California, L.A. Cetto was founded in 1926 by the Italian Don Angelo Cetto.

L.A. Cetto is an ambassador of one of the best wines in Mexico, the Nebbiolo La Cetto.

This wine is praised for its ruby color and blackberry, tea, and truffle aromas.

This Nebbiolo is aged in French oak barrels for at least 14 months. It pairs well with red meats, strong cheeses, creamy pasta, and mushroom-based dishes.

It is also perfect with duck, exquisite roast beef, barbecue, and calf liver, as well as some Italian dishes.

2. Monte Xanic Calixa Blend: One of my favorite Mexican wines

best mexican wines

Monte Xanic started in 1987, its vineyards are located in the Guadalupe Valley and its name Xanic means “the one that sprouts after the first rain.”

The Calixa Blend is made with Tempranillo, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon. It is aged in French oak for at least 9 months

This wine boasts an intense cherry color and aroma of wild berries and oak. It is dry with a refreshing acidity.

Exploit its flavor by accompanying it with red meats, spicy pasta, Spanish dishes, and cheeses with rinds such as brie, camembert, or goat cheese.

Monte Xanic had its first public appearance in 1990 with the Free Trade Agreement which former presidents George Bush and Carlos Salinas toasted.

You can find this excellent wine at approximately 480 pesos (27 USD). It has a gold medal in the French Challenge International du Vin competition.

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3. Sala Vive Petillant by Freixenet – Queretaro, Mexico

best mexican wines

Sala Vive is the estate, and the brand is Freixenet, the most important vineyard in Querétaro with 18 cellars around the world.

What is Petillant wine? It is a French term given to wines with light bubbles, which help cut through fats and oil, balancing out the dish in your mouth.

This wine is aged for 9 months with 11.5% alcohol and comes from the Doña Dolores vineyards in Ezequiel Montes, Querétaro.

Sala Vive Petillant has a pale yellow color, its white fruit aromas have a citric touch that gives it an acid taste of apricot, toasted bread, and hazelnuts.

Its pairing is extensive since you can accompany it with dishes that have legumes, pasta with creamy sauce, seafood, salads, paella, chicken, or turkey.

It is also one of the best sparkling wines that you can try with appetizers, smoked meats, sausages, and fresh cheeses such as cottage, quark, Burgos, or cottage cheese.

4. Hacienda Encinillas (Bordeaux Blend) – Chihuahua, Mexico

hacienda encinillas

This winery and Hacienda is located in the Encinillas Valley, Chihuahua, founded in 1707 by Captain Benito Perez.

Its red wines are recognized worldwide because they break records in competitions such as the “Concours Mondial de Bruxelles,” and “Challenge du Vin.”

In addition, the French winemaker Michel Rolland created Hacienda Encinillas (which won a gold medal in California), a wine inspired by the famous “Château Margaux.”

Its main characteristic is the iconic Bordeaux blend such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Petit Verdot.

Hacienda Encinillas has a dark garnet and violet color, an intense aroma of blackberries, and a woody flavor with vanilla and chocolate.

You can pair it with beef stew, roast lamb, fatty meats, dry or wet aged steaks, and game cuts such as wild boar and venison.

5. Casa Madero 3v – Parras Coahuila, Mexico

casa madero 3v best mexican wines

Not many people know this, but Casa Madero was actually the first winery in the Americas, founded in 1597.

Among their best Mexican wines is the 3v (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Tempranillo), which is aged in French oak barrels for 12 to 15 months.

Its color is garnet red with clay glints, it has an aroma of blackcurrant, black cherry, and oak, and its flavor is silky and balanced.

It is also perfect with dark and bitter chocolate desserts, you will be amazed by the perfect combination of flavors.

This wine is perfect for intensely flavored meats such as lamb, venison, bordelaise steak, marinated leg, and black mole from Oaxaca.

An excellent wine for any occasion that will never fail because of its excellent taste.

6. Orlandi La Redonda – Queretaro, Mexico

best mexican wines

La Redonda is a Mexican winery that had its first vineyard in 1975 in Querétaro, founded by Don Vittorio.

After more than a decade of visiting Mexico, Don Vittorio decided to try his vineyard in that place because of the climate similar to the Mediterranean belt.

In addition, this vineyard has 4 brands of different wines such as Orlandi, Sierra Gorda, Real Vilared, and La Redonda.

The Orlandi wine is an excellent blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec, aged for 12 months in American oak barrels.

The perfect pairing is with chicken, duck with a dark cherry sauce, and red meats.

7. Cahuayo by Azteca Vineyards – Queretaro, Mexico

cahuayo queretaro mexico

Viñedos Azteca (Azteca Vineyards) is in an old three-hectare hacienda that began production in 2010.

Well, they just happen to make one of the best red wines in the region.

Also, thanks to its wine tourism program, Azteca Vineyards has been included in the “Art, Cheese and Wine Route” by the Association of Winemakers of Queretaro.

With 60% Cabernet Sauvignon and 40% Malbec, Cahuayo boasts beautiful aromas of ripe red and black berries, its flavor is fruity although a little acidic but balanced.

It is ideal for pairing with red meats, mushrooms, black pepper dressings, mild sauces, and semi-ripe cheeses.

8. Capricornius Chardonnay by El Cielo – Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California

best wines in mexico

This beautiful Chardonnay comes from the Guadalupe Valley in Baja California, from “El Cielo” vineyards founded in 2013 by Joaquín Ortega and Daly Negrón.

El Cielo is an ecotourism project that has a vineyard, a winery, a restaurant, a coffee shop, and a boutique hotel.

Among the best white wines in Mexico is the Capricornius, aged for 6 months in French oak barrels.

Also, according to Greek mythology and astrology, its name is related to the good things in life and that is why we must toast.

You will be able to see its light golden color, which has aromas of tropical fruits, white flowers, and lavender. On the palate, its notes of butter, coffee, and tropical fruits are exquisite.

Capricornius Chardonnay makes a delicious pairing with oily fish, buttery pasta, achiote-based dishes, and poultry.

9. Monte Xanic Sauvignon Blanc – Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California

best mexican wines

If you’re a fan of Sauvignon Blancs, you’ll thank me for recommending this one. By far one of my favorite Mexican white wines.

It’s so good, that it has been recognized with more than 45 gold, silver, and bronze medals in international competitions.

Highly recommended with ceviches, seafood, fresh cheeses, lightly flavored fish, sushi, sashimi, carpaccio, and supreme citrus salads, among others.

You’ll love it as soon as you smell it, with high intensity and marked tropical notes, guava, soursop, passion fruit, pineapple, and mango.

It has a smooth approach to the palate. It is a dry wine, with lively acidity and a fine aftertaste.

10. Gran Reserva Malbec Casa Madero – Parras Coahuila, Mexico

best mexican wines

As I mentioned earlier, Casa Madero is the oldest vineyard in America and has received more than 900 awards throughout its history for the great quality of its wines.

The Gran Reserva Malbec is one of the best Mexican wines, boasting three gold medals in three European countries.

Casa Madero produces more than 1,200,000 bottles of different wines per year.

It has a carmine red color with violet hues, an aroma of red berries and toasted wood, and a delicious flavor of caramel, vanilla, and smoked cocoa.

The best pairing for this wine includes red meats, grilled steaks, hard cheeses, and pasta with tomato sauce.

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11. Tierra Adentro Merlot – Campo Real, Zacatecas

best mexican wines

Tierra Adentro started as a project with a garden and restaurant in 1971 until it opened its doors as a winery in 2016.

Merlots are known for their black cherry flavor and the fact that they can last for many years in the bottle and improve.

The Tierra Adentro Merlot is aged in French oak barrels for 12 months.

You’ll find a deep red color, and an intense aroma of ripe red fruits, coconut, and vanilla.

You can pair it with strong cheeses or lamb, chicken, mushroom-based pasta, and red meats.

12. RoLu Nebbiolo – San Vicente, Baja California

rolu san vicente baja california

RoLu comes from the name of its owner “Luis Rodriguez” and its wines are distributed by the American company Wagner Wines (Caymus Vineyards), where Luis Rodriguez worked since he was 19 years old when he arrived as a migrant to California.

After time and effort and with the support of Chuck Wagner he was able to establish his own brand of one of the best Mexican wines.

This Nebbiolo is aged for 18 months in French oak barrels and comes from San Vicente, Baja California, Mexico.

It has a dark ruby color, aromas of blackberry, plums, rose petals, tobacco, and vanilla, and a mineral cocoa flavor with chocolate candy.

RoLu pairs very well with red meats, duck, veal, blue cheese, barbecues, and spicy dishes as well as Mexican and Italian food.

12 Best Mexican Wines: Conclusion

In conclusion, the world of Mexican wines is a vibrant and rapidly growing industry that deserves recognition on the global stage.

The 12 most acclaimed Mexican wines highlighted in this blog post are a testament to the country’s rich winemaking heritage, diverse terroir, and the dedicated efforts of passionate winemakers.

From the aromatic whites to the bold reds, these wines showcase Mexico’s ability to produce outstanding and unique expressions that rival some of the world’s most renowned wine regions.

Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or simply curious about exploring new flavors, these Mexican wines offer an exciting journey of discovery.

So raise a glass and toast to the brilliance and artistry found within each bottle, and let these exceptional wines transport you to the vineyards of Mexico, where tradition, innovation, and extraordinary flavors come together to create an unforgettable experience.


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