Xicotepec Puebla: Your Ultimate Magical Town Adventure

Welcome to a magical journey to the charming Town of Xicotepec, nestled in the heart of Puebla, Mexico.

This Magical Town embodies Mexican culture and traditions, where the colorful streets, lively markets, and friendly locals welcome visitors with open arms.

Xicotepec de Juarez (official name) is known for its stunning natural beauty, historical landmarks, and delicious cuisine that will tantalize your taste buds.

Whether exploring the Town’s rich history, immersing yourself in the local culture, or relaxing and unwinding amidst breathtaking scenery, Xicotepec has something for everyone.

Join me on this virtual tour as we discover the many treasures of this magical Town and experience the beauty and wonder of Mexico like never before.

Getting to Xicotepec Puebla

Xicotepec is located in the Sierra Madre Oriental, in Puebla.

It is bordered on the north by the municipality of Jalpan, on the south by Tlaola, on the east by Zihuateutla and Juan Galindo, and the west by Tlacuilotepec.

You can access Xicotepec from Mexico City through Highway 130 Pirámides-Tulancingo or from Puebla City through Highway 119 via Santa Ana.

Driving from either Mexico City or Puebla City takes about 3 hours.

History of Xicotepec Puebla

xicotepec puebla mexico

The current territory of Xicotepec was occupied in pre-Hispanic times by Otomi and later by Chichimecs.

The Augustinian friars arrived on the territory in 1533, giving the place the name of San José de Xicotepec and assigning the Town’s patronage to San Juan Bautista. 

In 1862, the territory was the scene of the Battle of Puebla, in which the Mexican Republicans defeated the defending forces of the French Empire.

Intoxicated by the victory, the supporters of the republic decided to promote the locality to the rank of Town, complementing the pre-Hispanic name of Xicotepec with the surname of the famous liberal leader, being thus denominated as “Xicotepec de Juárez.”


Sheltered by the Sierra Madre Oriental, Xicotepec enjoys a temperate climate.

It rains almost all year round in the Magical Town, with an average rainfall of 2,800 mm.

The average temperature is 18°C, with an extreme minimum of 4°C and a maximum of 22°C.

It is a cold and pleasant climate, with fog and some rain, so you should wear warm clothes and not forget an umbrella.

Xicotepec Puebla: Top things to do and see

xicotepec puebla
Panoramic view of Xicotepec – Source: krisxet / flickr.com

Xicotepec de Juárez begins its vital activity in the center of the Town, where you can appreciate the beauty of its central garden, with its emblematic zócalo (main square).

Other points of interest are the Casa Carranza and the parish church of San Juan Bautista.

You can also learn about the coffee tradition of the Town and visit sites of great spiritual content, such as the Xochipila. You should also admire the imposing statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Admire the central garden

main square puebla

This beautiful central garden is full of flowers jealously cared for by the Town’s inhabitants.

It also has leafy trees pruned in geometric figures and animals, giving the enclosure a touch of elegant natural beauty.

In the garden’s center is a kiosk where bands play and entertain tourists and other passers-by.

In the vicinity of the park, you can taste the famous charcoal burgers, accompanied by exquisite coffee, one of the Town’s trademarks.

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Visit the Casa Carranza Museum in Xicotepec

xicotepec puebla

This house was built in honor of Venustiano Carranza, a politician and military man who was president of the republic between 1917 and 1920.

In 1920, Carranza fled to the Sierra Norte de Puebla, where he was betrayed and assassinated by rebel troops while he slept.

Carranza’s lifeless body remained for 3 days in Xicotepec, where the autopsy was performed, and during this short period, the Town of Puebla was considered the Mexican capital.

In the museum of the Carranza House, you can see photographs and objects of the time, as well as texts about his political life.

The parish of San Juan Bautista

xicotepec puebla
Source: Jesusito2008 / flickr.com

Started by Augustinian monks in 1571 and finished by the Franciscans, this church is in the center of Xicotepec.

The parish of San Juan Bautista, formerly Parroquia del Calvario, is made in a beautiful Gothic style, starting with two enormous towers erected on the sides, and is one of the most interesting temples in the state of Puebla.

On June 24, the festivities in honor of the patron saint, San Juan Bautista, are celebrated, filling the sacred precinct with joy.

Discover Xochipila

xochipila puebla

This pre-Hispanic ceremonial space was a spiritual center dedicated to the god Xochipilli, a Mexica divinity related to the sun, water, vegetation, music, youth, and other representations.

It is located in the center of Xicotepec, at the junction of two small streams, where rock is erected as a tower.

It is undoubtedly a sacred place for the Town’s inhabitants and is a concentration point for indigenous groups, sorcerers, and shamans of the region.

Learn all about Xicotepec’s coffee

xicotepec coffee

You cannot leave Xicotepec without learning the coffee tradition and tasting the exquisite coffee harvested in the mountain foothills of the Magical Town.

You will find in the town companies like Cafe Bunte, where you can visit their farms and learn from the process of grain extraction to its preparation and taste the beverage, which holds a special symbolism in the Town.

Visit the monument to the Virgin of Guadalupe

virgin monument

This magnificent monument is the largest statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe in the world, 30 meters high, and is located on El Tabacal Hill.

The sanctuary is a lookout from where you can have an excellent view of the entire city.

Every December 12, the place is the center of pilgrimage of the guadalupanos of the region, who gather around this imposing work of art.

Try the best of Puebla’s food in Xicotepec

Traditional Molotes

Molotes are the typical dish of the people of Xicotepec, small oval fried empanadas of chicken and pork.

Baked gorditas and mole poblano are other delicacies of the region. All these foods are accompanied by coffee from the mountains or acachul wine (a liquor made with a local blackberry).

For dessert, the traditional leche quemada (burnt milk) and jamoncillo de pepita, always handmade, are a must.

In Xicotepec, people make popsicles with atypical but delicious flavors; there are avocado, mamey, coffee, and some more well-known, such as soursop and tres leches.

Get some handicrafts

xicotepec puebla

Coffee seeds are used to make bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Xicotepense artisans work very well with bamboo and wicker to make furniture and animal figures.

They are also experts in making vases and pots of tzitzit, a local tree material.

As if that were not enough, they excel in embroidery and make dresses and blouses of excellent quality.

All these pieces can be purchased in several craft stores in downtown Xicotepec, so there is no excuse to leave without a souvenir.

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Lodging in Xicotepec Puebla

Xicotepec de Juárez has a wide variety of options for your comfort. 

Five minutes from downtown is the Hotel Casa Blanca, with a modern infrastructure and all the essential services.

Two blocks from the main square is Hotel Bugamillas, a colorful and decent inn with comfortable rooms and internet service.

Another centrally located option is Hotel Villa de Cortez, which has a beautiful view from its colorful rooms, and the staff is first class.

Other recommended options are Hotel Sierra Inn and Hotel Plaza San Carlos.

Xicotepec is a very visited Magical Town, so many lodging offers are available in the town center.

What are the main festivals in Town?

For those who love festivals and fairs, Xicotepec Puebla will not disappoint.

The Spring Fair, celebrated during Holy Week, has a livestock and coffee exposition and presents all kinds of cultural events, music, and theater, closing with fireworks shows.

On June 24, honor is paid to San Juan Bautista, the Town’s patron saint; this celebration’s main spectacle takes place in the pre-Hispanic ceremonial center of Xochipila, where dancers from all over the region gather.

Another important event is the Day of the Dead, where traditional altars are made, and families pay tribute to their deceased.

We have reached the end of the tour, hoping this information will be helpful for your trip to Xicotepec.

Please comment below on your experiences in this colorful Town of Puebla. Vamonos!

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