La Ventana & El Sargento, Mexico: A Small Paradise in Baja Sur

La Ventana & El Sargento comprise a small town in Baja California Sur, about 40 minutes from La Paz (in Ventana Bay).

Despite being so small and quiet, it has beautiful beaches and many activities to do, without a doubt one of the best jewels of Baja!

El Sargento is a small community within La Ventana Bay.

It is called La Ventana because it is an area with a lot of wind, which is why this little paradise has become one of the favorite destinations for kitesurfing.

Every year thousands of people come from all over the world to take advantage of the winds of this unique bay.

When is the best time to visit La Ventana, Baja California Sur?

  • Best season to see mobulas (devil rays): From April to July, the water temperature is more pleasant, and it is very likely to see them
  • High season: From November to March, kitesurfing schools are open, thousands of tourists arrive, and the town is very active. Everything fills up, and the prices get pretty high
  • Low season: From April to October, most people leave, and the town is tranquil. Some businesses close, the beaches are almost uncrowded, and everything is much cheaper

How to get to La Ventana & El Sargento

The best way to get to La Ventana is by road, so renting a car is recommended.

In fact, moving around Baja generally is better if you drive because there’s so much to see and explore.

La Ventana is about 40 minutes from La Paz and just over two hours from San Jose del Cabo.

Wherever you rent a car, make sure that all insurances are included.

All roads to the beaches are dirt roads; any car can get there but don’t get into the sand because you will get stuck unless you get a 4×4.

11 Best things to do and see in La Ventana, Baja Sur

1. Relax in the Hot Springs at Agua Caliente Beach

la ventana baja california sur

A beach with hot springs? Well, it does exist, and it’s in Baja California Sur.

At first glance, it looks like a beach with a lot of rocks, but as you get closer, there are a lot of little pools with hot water.

It turns out that the local people have been building these natural pools with the same stones from the beach.

Why the water is hot remains a mystery, but what is a fact is that they are super relaxing. It’s like getting into a jacuzzi but with a view of the Sea of Cortez.

I recommend you wear flip-flops because it is difficult to walk barefoot and be careful, the lower pools are boiling hot, so you don’t want to get burned.

This place is entirely virgin; there are no people at all during the week, and so far, it is free.

The last stretch is a dirt road, but any car can pass; just don’t get into the sand because you will get stuck.

I also recommend bringing an umbrella and a cooler, but please, don’t litter.

2. Playa Turquesa in La Ventana Bay

la ventana baja california sur

Ventana Bay is full of pristine beaches; however, the only access is through a heavy dirt road, but any car can get there.

I stayed here for about half an hour, did not take a dip, enjoyed the view, and continued to the next virgin beach.

Keep in mind that on all these beaches, there is nothing, no bathrooms, no restaurants, and no stores. So I must insist that an umbrella and a cooler are very helpful here.

3. Punta Arena Beach

la ventana baja california sur
Source: C Jahir Cortez M

Playa Punta Arena is on the opposite side of Playa Turquesa.

It is also a virgin beach, although a little more known and visited; this is where the famous red-striped lighthouse is.

This beach is truly gorgeous; the crystal clear water, the range of turquoise colors, the landscape, and the tranquility, make this place one of my favorite beaches in all of Mexico.

4. Ensenada de Muertos

ensenada de los muertos
Source: Moises Pacheco /

Next to La Ventana Bay, you will find Ensenada de Muertos, also known as the Bahia de los Sueños (Bay of Dreams).

This beach is very rocky, and there are many fishing boats; I did not find it suitable for swimming, but there is a good restaurant with a lovely view of the bay.

If you decide to tour all these beaches and don’t bring any food, it is worth going to eat there. It is very close to Punta Arena, and the prices are reasonable.

It is also a good option if you want to go to the bathroom. If you have time, there is also a small trail overlooking the bay.

5. Relax at any of La Ventana Beach Clubs

la ventana beach clubs
Enjoying the beach at Chilo Chill Club

You will find several beach clubs in La Ventana & El Sargento.

The one I stayed at and liked the most was Chilo Chill Beach Club, it is also a lodge, but anyone can enter the beach club even if they are not a guest.

It has lounge chairs, swings, tents, and even floating beds. They also rent kayaks, paddle boards, and snorkeling equipment.

Another beach club I liked was La Tuna. Many local people from La Paz go there on weekends.

La Tuna is more of a restaurant, but it’s right on the beach. The prices are not cheap, but the food is delicious, and the cocktails are excellent.

6. Kayaking and Paddle Boarding

La Ventana is a perfect place to do both activities, especially in the mornings, when the sea is calm and there are no waves.

Most beach clubs rent kayaks and paddle boards; it is worth it. I recommend wearing long sleeves and a hat to protect yourself from the sun.

  • Kayak: 250 pesos / 13 USD per hour
  • Paddle Board: 250 pesos / 13 USD per hour

7. Tour the Ventana desert on a bike

la ventana desert

For the first time, I ventured into mountain biking, and what better way to do it than in the desert of Baja California Sur.

In La Ventana alone, there are several ways to do this activity, from trails for beginners to more advanced routes. Of course, I took the beginner’s path.

Without a doubt, it was an incredible experience that I highly recommend.

The scenery is breathtaking, and everything is full of cacti, especially giant cacti, which are endemic to northern Mexico.

At times I had a view of the sea and the sunset, something simply magical. The route lasted about 2 hours.

It wasn’t that tiring because the bikes are semi-electric and the trails are very well-marked, but I recommend you go with a guide.

Make sure to do it at sunset, so you don’t get too hot, and don’t forget to bring water!

Bike rental: 2,300 pesos / 115 USD per person

Guide: 1,200 pesos / 60 USD per group

8. Aqua Safari to Cerralvo Island

isla cerralvo

One of my favorite activities was the Aqua Safari to Isla Cerralvo. It is a boat ride where you look for marine wildlife in their natural habitat.

This tour made me realize why the Sea of Cortez is called the “aquarium of the world,” as it is home to an unimaginable amount of marine species.

We left at dawn, and just 15 minutes later, we saw a massive group of devil rays; they are very similar to manta rays but jump a lot.

They are harmless, so we swam with them, and it was an incredible experience. Later we got to see a group of dolphins and humpback whales.

9. Snorkeling

Even if you don’t do the tour to Isla Cerralvo, it’s worth snorkeling at the little beaches of La Ventana.

I snorkeled at Chilo Chill beach and saw lots of fish, and I even saw a starfish.

You should bring your own snorkel gear; otherwise, you can rent it there.

Snorkel equipment: 200 pesos / 10 USD per hour

10. Glamping at Chilo Chill in La Ventana

la ventana baja california sur mexico
Glamping at Chilo Chill

Most people don’t stay overnight, but I recommend staying at a glamping site to get the whole La Ventana experience.

I stayed at Chilo Chill and loved it, mainly because it is right in front of the sea and I could see the sunrise. Highly recommended!

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Glamping is like camping but with more amenities; each tent has a bed, fan, electrical outlets, and a private bathroom.

Common areas include the beach club, restaurant, and campfire. 

If you like to wake up in front of the sea, see the stars, and see what’s different, this is for you.

11. Kitesurfing in La Ventana

el sargento baja sur
Source: Jorge Alvarez /

La Ventana has become famous for kitesurfing, a sport where you glide across the sea with the help of a board, a kite, and the wind.

This bay has the ideal environment: winds, good weather, beautiful beaches, and easy access.

That is why thousands of people come from around the world every year to practice this sport.

The wind season runs from November to the end of March when all the schools are open, and the town is more lively than ever.

Season: November to March

Kitesurfing Course: From 10,000 pesos / 500 USD per person. Learn more.

Tips for visiting La Ventana, Baja California Sur

  • It’s a good idea to bring an umbrella and a cooler
  • Be prepared with snacks and drinks because there is nothing on the beaches
  • Bring your snorkeling gear if you’ve got one
  • During weekdays everything is empty, even many shops are closed
  • There are no ATMs, but if you need cash, you can withdraw it at the nearest OXXO store
  • La Ventana is generally pet-friendly
  • Bring a long-sleeved bathing suit

La Ventana lodging

Generally, staying in La Ventana is not that expensive. Take for example the following options for two people (per night):

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