6 Top Restaurants for Dinner Near Mexico City Airport

Are you traveling through Mexico City and looking for a delicious dinner spot near the airport?

With so many options, deciding where to go for a satisfying meal can be overwhelming.

Luckily, I’ve got you covered with this short list of what I think are the best restaurants for dinner near Mexico City Airport.

From traditional Mexican cuisine to international flavors, these restaurants will satisfy your cravings and give you a memorable dining experience.

Please note that when I say “near the airport,” these six famous restaurants are not exactly within walking distance but about 30-40 minutes by car.

Mexico City is enormous, with some of the heaviest traffic problems in the world. So any car ride within 30-40 minutes is considered “nearby.”

Of course, it will all depend on your itinerary. But definitely worth the visit!

About Mexico City Airport

The Mexico City Airport (Benito Juarez) is located in the eastern part of the city, about 9 km east of the historic city center.

It boasts 30 international and domestic passenger airlines and 17 cargo planes serving over 136,000 passengers per day.

Mexico City is the most populated city in North America, so you will find many restaurants in this bustling metropolis.

It is known for its tacos and tamales but also has a variety of other cuisines.

So don’t hesitate to leave the airport and make your way into the city.

For your convenience, you can always drop off your luggage at a suitcase storage facility near Mexico City Airport before you head out for dinner.

6 Best Restaurants for dinner near Mexico City Airport

1. Quintonil

Mexico City restaurants near the airport
Discreet entrance facade of Quintonil – Source: Alison Cook / flickr.com

The comfortable ambiance, intimate seating layout, and decadent food make Quintonil a must on the list of Mexico City restaurants near the airport.

Chef Vallejo has a well-known signature dish that you should try called huauzontles, which is a broccoli-like vegetable doused in melted cheese and salsa.

Some other entrées on the menu include braised oxtail in almond puree, picanha with black rice and purple fried banana in herb butter, and pork chops with apple pico de Gallo.

The striped bass with fermented rice paste, aged duck with nixtamal cream, or stone crab with green pipian and Thai basil are highly praised.

2. Restaurant Pujol

Acclaimed celebrity chef at Restaurant Pujol, Enrique Olvera, constantly changes his menu to keep things fresh and interesting, drawing ideas from Mexican techniques and ingredients.

His restaurant is also unique, choosing a beautiful mid-century house with terrazzo floors, a huge dining bar, and a wood-burning stove. 

Although the menu varies, some favorites include grilled octopus tacos with holy leaf, sea bass ceviche with peanut juice, shrimp with rice, and “romeritos.”

All the tasting menus will include warm tortillas and a variety of meats, seafood, cheese, and vegetables. And the ginger ice cream is heavenly.

3. Rosetta

best restaurants near mexico city airport
Antipasti – Source: ulterior epicure / flickr.com

In a stunning mansion in the heart of the Roma neighborhood, you can find Chef Elena Reygadas, Latin’s Best Female Chef of 2014, at Rosetta Restaurant.

The romantic setting is inspired by her London mentor and the food is a blend of Mexican and Italian flavors with a bit of French cuisine in the mix as well.

Some starters include conch with lemon and cilantro, endives with vanilla and lemon, and roasted sweet potatoes with macha sauce.

Try braised short ribs with polenta or suckling pig with marjoram and achiote for the main course.

Some of the best desserts include macadamia sorbet, rosemary ice cream, or pears with tarragon.

Tel. 55 5533 7804

4. Contramar

contramar mexico city
Contramar – Source: Tristan y Jorge / flickr.com

Contramar is a casual restaurant always packed, so make a reservation.

The most popular dish in this amazing place is the red and green grilled snapper.

They will serve it up fresh at your table, cut it up, and put it on your plate.

If you have never tried Mexican seafood, this is where to get it.

But the dishes are not just Mexican or seafood; they combine many different styles with octopus cocktails and sauteed shrimp tostadas made with seafood caught that day.

You can even get Peruvian New England clam chowder.

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5. Morimoto

best restaurants in mexico city near airport
NY Steak & Shrimp at Morimoto – Source: Fran Cedillo / flickr.com

Morimoto has landed on the list of Best Latin Restaurants several times, and you will know why after eating there.

The omakase tasting menu has 10 courses that will leave you wanting more.

Some starters include salmon with rock shrimp, whitefish with octopus carpaccio, and pork gyoza dumplings with pasta.

The main dishes include delicious entrées like “angry chicken” with pimentos and pollo marinade, soft shell crab rolls, braised black cod, and grilled lamb chops.

Also, try the Wagyu fillet cooked however you like it. Chef Morimoto has been on Iron Chef, so you may recognize him or the restaurant and some dishes.

6. KYU Mexico

kyu restaurant

This Asian-inspired restaurant opened in 2016 and has already made a name for itself in Mexico City.

At KYU Mexico, Wabi-sabi is the theme, which means the art of finding perfection in something imperfect.

The varied menu is as diverse as the laid-back but professional servers, who will make you feel right at home.

The chef’s favorite is duck breast with burnt ends and roasted cauliflower. The wagyu beef brisket with black shichimi pepper is also a popular dish, as is the grilled lamb chops with sesame oil, garlic, and chili.

But don’t miss the coconut cake, smores cake, or tropical fruits and sorbet for dessert.

Best restaurants for dinner near Mexico City Airport: Conclusion

As you may know, Mexico City is home to some of the best restaurants in the world and many amazing attractions.

If you have more time while you are in Mexico City, make sure to visit some of the famous attractions too.

The Pyramids of Teotihuacan are amazing, and the Palace of Fine Arts is breathtaking.

For fun, visit Chapultepec Park with a zoo and the Art Museum, History Museum, and the Museum of Anthropology.

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