Tijuana Mexico: TOP Things to do in 2024

More than 30 million people cross through Tijuana Mexico every year to the United States.

Nevertheless, Tijuana has many other good reasons to stay a few extra days for a vacation.

Tijuana is known for many things; however, it is primarily considered a beer capital because of the diversity of craft labels produced in the region.

This major border city is located in the northwestern part of the Mexican state of Baja California and lies along Tecate Creek, near the Pacific Ocean.

Where is Tijuana Mexico?

Tijuana sits in northern Baja California, Mexico, just south of the U.S.-Mexico border.

To get to Tijuana, you can fly directly to its International Airport from several United States and Mexico cities.

Alternatively, you can also take a bus from several cities in the United States, including Los Angeles, San Diego, and Phoenix.

If you are driving, you can enter Tijuana through one of the border crossings, such as the San Ysidro Port of Entry (the busiest land border crossing in the world).

Is Tijuana Mexico safe to visit?

is tijuana mexico safe to visit
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I have been to Tijuana several times and never had any problems. I guess it’s like any other major city.

You just have to be careful not to walk alone at night in scary neighborhoods, which you shouldn’t need to visit in the first place.

But for the most part, yeah, Tijuana is pretty safe. At least, it has always been for me.

I always tell people that when they ask me how safe a particular territory is, my answer is the same: If you look for trouble, you may find it.

Tijuana Mexico: Main attractions

One of the many things you must do in this city is try a little of everything its fabulous gastronomy offers.

Its flavors can please any palate, whether you enjoy an excellent fresh seafood platter or grilled steak. Tacos here are the best!

And of course, you have to try the traditional Caesar salad (invented in Tijuana) and other local foods that, by the way, gave chef Anthony Bourdain the perfect reason to qualify Baja food as one of the best.

Eat in a food truck, have a traditional margarita, and be sure to try the craft beers, which also put the name of Baja on a high level.

For several years now, a wave of street food has made Tijuana Mexico famous in gastronomic corridors and steaming food carts, which attract even the pickiest eaters with their aroma and flavors.

Some of my recommendations to enjoy Tijuana’s gastronomy include:

  • Cabanna restaurant
  • Mision 19
  • La Querencia
  • Verde y Crema
  • Caesar’s, the historic restaurant that gave life to one of the most famous salads (video above)

If food trucks are your thing, don’t hesitate to visit Telefónica Gastro Park.

As for craft beer, Tijuana is THE place. Here are some of my favorite beer joints:

  • BCB Tasting Room
  • Norte Brewing Co
  • Teorema Ludica
  • Border Psycho Brewery

Visit the Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT)

tijuana mexico
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The Tijuana Cultural Center is another must-see in this border city.

The locals call it “La Bola,” and it’s the most important cultural precinct in the city; it is the work of Mexican architects Pedro Ramírez Vázquez and Manuel Rosen Morrison.

It is also the headquarters of the Baja California Orchestra.

The CECUT is located in the Zona Rio and is home to an IMAX Dome, ideal for enjoying a good movie and contemplating the study of nature in all its splendor.

It also has the Museum of the Californias, the El Cubo Art Museum, several exhibitions, showrooms, and the Carlos Monsiváis movie theater and spaces for courses and conferences.

Stroll along “La Revo”

tijuana mexico
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“La Revo” is how the iconic Revolucion Avenue is affectionately known.

It’s the ideal place in Tijuana for those looking for entertainment options, stores full of handicrafts and souvenirs, restaurants, and diverse nightlife options.

In the afternoon, visit the Rodríguez and Gómez passageways, where local artists exhibit and sell their work.

Likewise, La Revo hosts artistic events such as the Tijuana Art Walk with the idea of promoting and collaborating with Tijuana’s creative community.

Relax on the beach

vamonos to mexico
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One of the best things to do in Tijuana Mexico is to visit its extraordinary beaches, which are ideal for surfing.

Don’t be surprised if you run into a wall while swimming because this is the very border with the United States that goes into the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Be sure to stroll along the Malecon Bicentenario (the boardwalk), which runs from Azteca Park to the U.S. border, with pedestrian bridges connected.

The boardwalk is ideal for enjoying delicious restaurants and fabulous cafes.

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Tour the Tunnel House in Tijuana Mexico

This is one of the most curious things to see in Tijuana.

It is an old house discovered as one of the first narco tunnels in Tijuana. It was closed for many years but was rehabilitated to become an art and cultural center for the community.

It offers temporary exhibitions, mainly dedicated to migration issues. It currently has pieces by more than 40 national artists and dance workshops.

Explore El Trompo Museum

Visiting the El Trompo Museum is one of the best things to do in Tijuana with children.

It is an interactive venue dedicated to disseminating science and technology through experimentation.

Enjoy the Cinema Room with 3D and high definition format, four interactive rooms (Explain, Generate, Educate, and Experiment), with a collection of 108 pieces.

Inside the Museum, the Space Zone is a must-see.

It also has an Audiorama, where concerts, conferences, book presentations, and children’s workshops on painting, sculpture, robotics, and science and sculpture are offered.

Soak up Tijuana’s culture at Plaza Santa Cecilia

vamonos to mexico
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Plaza Santa Cecilia is named after the patron saint of music and musicians.

This is one of the oldest spaces in the city and is a favorite place for national and foreign tourists to learn about Mexican culture and folklore.

This picturesque place has the most popular handicrafts in our country and offers an excellent nightlife option.

Visit Puerto Nuevo: The home of lobster

tijuana mexico
Classic lobster setup in Puerto Nuevo – Source: ArtDary / shutterstock.com

One of the most relaxing (and delicious) things to do in Tijuana is to visit Puerto Nuevo.

A small town located 50 km south of the border and about 64 km from Ensenada, where you can eat some of the best lobster accompanied by refried beans, rice, hot sauce, and flour tortillas.

The Lobster Festival is held every October, an ideal occasion to taste this crustacean in different styles.

At the end of the festival, you can walk through the cobblestone streets of Puerto Nuevo and buy the best handicrafts in the region.

Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Tijuana

tijuana mexico
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As in many other Mexican towns, the Cathedral is one of Tijuana’s main attractions.

It is a neoclassical-style precinct that gathers hundreds of believers on holidays.

Its architectural style enchants visitors for being a typical construction of 1902 that, in 1964, was remodeled and elevated to the rank of a Cathedral.

Get your handicrafts at Tijuana’s Popo market

This is the busiest market in the city, and visiting it is one of the things you must do in Tijuana Mexico.

It is located in the city’s center and is the perfect place to shop. Here you will find handicrafts, clothing, traditional Mexican candies, desserts, and natural remedies.

In this market, you can breathe the daily life of the “Tijuanenses.” It also offers a feast of colors for photography lovers.

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