What are the Best Mexican Beer brands? Get Your Cerveza Fix!

In today’s post, I’ll talk about the best Mexican beer brands available in Mexico, both commercial and craft beers.

Mexico is one of the main beer exporters in the world, but its brewing tradition goes back a long way.

It’s important to know that, in Mexico, there are two leading beer companies: The Modelo Group and the Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma Group.

Determining which beer brands are more popular will depend on where you are in Mexico.

So which Mexican beer is the best?

best mexican beer brands
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If we talk about commercial beers, the ones from the Modelo Group are probably the best (for example – Corona, Pacifico, Negra Modelo, Modelo Especial, etc.) At least for most Mexicans and me.

However, as I said earlier, finding the most popular Mexican beer brand will depend on the region.

For example, the Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma Group (like Tecate and Dos Equis) dominates most of the northern territory.

I’ve never been a fan of any of those beers, as they’re less “bodied,” and their flavor profile tends to be more on the “bitter” side.

The Modelo Group dominates most of the central and southern territory of Mexico.

Best Commercial Mexican Beer Brands: Modelo Group

best mexican beer brands
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Negra Modelo: A Munich-type beer that has earned the title of “the cream of beer,” its bottle contains aromas of dark and caramelized malt, and hops, with an alcohol content of 5.3°.

Corona: This Pilsner-type beer is the best-selling beer brand in Mexico and has remained among the best-selling beers per year. Preferred by the best brewers, it has an alcohol content of 4.5°; Corona makes the best micheladas!

Victoria: Grupo Modelo has Victoria beer among the best beers, thanks to its delicate combination of selected malts that give it spicy aromas. Its alcohol content is 4.5°.

Pacífico: This beer, brewed by Grupo Modelo, is an American Lite beer and is among the favorites on the Pacific coasts of Mexico. It is very refreshing and has an alcohol content of 4.5°.

Montejo: Grupo Montejo brews this American Pilsner beer in Merida Yucatan, and its principal characteristic is its light flavor and aroma that stands out with an alcohol content of 4.5°.

Modelo Especial: This special Pilsner beer from Grupo Modelo was first launched in 1925. Unlike any other pilsner, this beer is a classic, with an alcohol content of 4.5°.

Barrilito: The best ingredients are used to make Barrilito beer giving it a unique golden and transparent tone. It has an impeccable and refreshing aroma with a low alcohol content of 3.6°.

León: This is another Mexican Munich-type beer with a dark amber color and deep body; its foam is white and abundant with an alcohol content of 4.5°.

Estrella: Originally from Guadalajara, Estrella is a Pilsner beer that fills you with energy with its refreshing flavor. With an alcohol content of 4.0°.

Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma Beer Group

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Bohemia: A Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma product with excellent quality makes it stand out among the best. It is a beer of great character and complexity with an alcohol content of 4.9°.

Dos Equis: Another Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma product among the pale beers with little foam and light citric tones in its flavor. Its alcohol content is 4.3°.

Indio: This beer has earned its well-deserved place among the best Mexican beers. Brewed by the Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma group, it has a perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness on the palate without losing intensity and robustness—the alcohol content is 4.5°.

Carta Blanca: Premium ingredients are blended in this lager beer to give it a refreshing taste and balance with an alcohol content of 4.5°.

Noche Buena: This is a Bock beer brewed for the first time in Mexico; ideal for the winter season since it has an alcohol content of 5.9° and a very robust body.

Tecate: Among the pilsner beers, Tecate has robustness without losing the balance between the sweetness and bitterness of the hops, with an alcohol content of 4.5°.

Tecate Titanium: This is a robust version of Tecate, with an alcohol content of 5.5°; it is one of the perfect beers for cold weather.

Sol: Marketed not only in Mexico but also in other corners of the world, such as Asia, South America, and the Middle East, this beer has established itself with its smoothness and refreshing sensation. With an alcohol content of 4.5°.

Superior: Another Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma production, this is a Pilsner beer with great flavor and body that captures all the richness of the best raw materials, with an alcohol content of 4.5°.

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14 most popular Mexican Craft Beer brands

vamonos to mexico
One of my favorite craft beers from Colima

Now let’s talk about Mexican craft beers. Although there are hundreds, if not thousands, of artisanal breweries in the country, I will list some of the best and most popular ones today.

An essential part of the craft beer movement in Mexico is creativity.

Without this desire of brewers to create unique and original recipes, independent breweries in our country would not be the same.

Below you will find 14 of the most popular Mexican craft beer brands from all over the country. Enjoy!

  1. Cucapá Chupacabras: This is an exceptional beer distinguished by its coppery amber color, caramel, and toasted nut tones. It also combines unique citrus flavors and the best hops with an alcohol content of 4.5°.
  2. Bocanegra Pilsner: In this Pilsner beer, the best European hops are combined to imprint a floral tone that blends perfectly with its golden color and lightness. With an alcohol content of 4°.
  3. Calavera Mexican Imperial Stout: One of the favorite beers for those who like bitterness. Its combination of caramel, roasted coffee, raisins, and nuts flavors is unmatched, with an alcohol content of 5.3°.
  4. Colimita: The floral flavors and aromas of Colimita beer take you to a rich experience full of freshness. It is a beer with delicate white foam and an alcohol content of 4.5°.
  5. Mexicali Dark: Its name comes from combining the best deeply roasted malts. Despite its dark coffee flavor, its taste is sweet and pleasant, with an alcohol content of 4.5°.
  6. Osadía: This is a beer for those who dare to do anything. A dark pale ale leaves caramel, wood, and spices notes in your aftertaste.
  7. Ideal Azabache: Another full-bodied beer with dark tones stands out among the best. Ideal Azabache has a deep caramel flavor and tannins typical of the best malts. It is among the strongest beers, with an alcohol content of 6.7°.
  8. Malafacha: This is an English Brown Ale-type beer; its balance of flavors between bitter and sweet makes it pair very well with meats and cheeses.
  9. Ramuri Diablo Blanco: Although the origin of this beer is Czech, its production in Mexico has placed it very well in the market. It is a premium lager beer with a smooth flavor and spicy tone.
  10. Tropical Light: Grupo Modelo presents Tropical Light, a beer with an alcohol content of only 3.0°. A Pilsner-type beer, very golden and light on the palate.
  11. Ideal de Los Oros: This beer is brewed only with barley, with a double fermentation that provides smoothness to its foam. It has a high alcohol content of 6.4°.
  12. Chaneque: Brewed in Mexico City, this is a premium stout beer appreciated by its followers; very robust and balanced in its coffee and chocolate flavors, with resinous final notes. Its alcohol content is 7.5°.
  13. Odin: This is a beer from the Rámuri Brewery that lovers of roasted and deep flavors of coffee and chocolate like very much. Odin is very well-balanced despite seeming to overwhelm the palate.
  14. Cayaco: Cervecería Colima presents a Light Lager that is a very refreshing beer. It leaves floral and citrus notes in your mouth. Its alcohol content is 3.9°.

I hope you can try most of the beers presented in this guide. They’re all good, to be honest.

At the end of the day, it all depends on personal taste and preference. Have you tried any of them yet?

Please share your comments below. Salud!

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