How to See Lucha Libre in Mexico City

After soccer, Lucha Libre (Mexican wrestling) is considered the second most popular sport in Mexico.

Although I should mention that boxing also shares this place, Lucha Libre is definitely more fun and wild.

If you visit Mexico City, one of the things you have to do is attend a wrestling show.

Here I will tell you how to live this experience like a pro. Keep reading.

What time is Lucha Libre in Mexico City?

lucha libre mexico city
Fun show at the Arena Mexico – Luciana Monte / flickr

Wrestling days

  • Tuesday: Nuevos Valores 19:30
  • Friday: Spectacular show at 20:30
  • Sunday: Family Show: 17:00

It is important to know the following:

Friday is the most expensive but offers the best show because it is when the best wrestlers are presented.

Tuesdays: the “new talents” go on stage. These are the novice wrestlers with high potential. Tuesday is the cheapest day to go to Lucha Libre.

Sundays: Family friendly, the show starts early, and the prices are in a medium range compared to the other days.

How do you get to Lucha Libre?

lucha libre mexico city
Source: Turismo CDMX / flickr

Although you can find wrestling all over the country, Mexico City is the best place to attend this event.

The best way to experience Lucha Libre if you are not from the city is by using the Lucha Libre Tour known as the “Turiluchas.”

The advantage of doing it with a tour is that you don’t have to worry about anything.

Forget about parking, tips, and feeling unsafe; even the seats reserved for those who take the tour are pretty good.

What does the tour include?

  • Transportation to the arenas
  • Complimentary Lucha Libre mask
  • Entrance to the show (approximate duration of the tour 4 Hrs)
  • A shot of tequila

Turiluchas cost

The price of the Turiluchas tickets are:

  • ADULTS= 690 pesos
  • CHILDREN= 490 pesos

There are two ways to buy tickets for the Turiluchas: Online or directly at the Turiluchas module located at the entrance of Reforma 222.

Lucha Libre – Turiluchas Schedule

Lucha Libre in Mexico has several days of shows during the week and also has different arenas.

However, if you want to attend the most famous and important arena in Mexico (Arena Mexico), you must reserve:

Tuesday at 18:00 or Friday at 19:00.

There is another Lucha Libre tour on Saturdays at 19:00 in another famous site, the Arena Coliseo.

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Is Mexico City safe?

You can feel completely safe in Mexico City if you are alert and stay within the tourist areas.

Crime statistics show that crime is possible and frequent in Mexico City, but tourists are rarely targeted.

Please pay attention when people approach you, as they may be thieves trying to rob you.

If you don’t want to look like a tourist, don’t wear shorts, even if it’s hot outside.

Mexicans are usually very friendly and helpful, but some will try to use this to rob you, so don’t trust everyone.

Cab robberies are frequent, but 95% of all kidnapping victims are locals.

Another tip is not to leave anything of value inside your car; one of the keys to maximizing your safety is to blend in with the rest of the multitude.

If you usually wear jewelry or expensive watches, leave them at your hotel. The last thing you want to do in Mexico City is to look flashy.

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