Honeymoon in Mexico: Top 12 Destinations in 2023

There is nothing better than a honeymoon in Mexico to continue celebrating that dream of having united your life with your significant other. 

Undoubtedly, it is a long-awaited event, those unforgettable vacations with the love of your life as husband and wife.

If you’re already in the preparations but unsure where to spend your honeymoon, I will share some destinations that I bet you will love.

12 best places for a memorable honeymoon in Mexico

In Mexico, you can find many places to spend a unique romantic honeymoon; some destinations transmit that energy.

It can be from its cobblestone streets, relaxing beaches, or some attraction you will love to take a nice photoshoot.

I will also talk about the activities you should do during your stay, where to spend the night, and try the best local cuisine. Let’s begin.

1. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

honeymoon in mexico
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Among the places to go on a honeymoon in Mexico is Puerto Vallarta, which has endless activities to do as a couple.

The beaches here are varied and wonderful, with calm waves and activities like jet skis and parachutes.

Some of the beaches I recommend are Playa Los Muertos, Playa de las Gemelas, Playa de las Animas and Playa de las Caletas, perfect for a romantic sunset.

Furthermore, if you want more intimacy, you can take a boat and spend the day in a beautiful nearby beach town called Yelapa.

Other activities are the famous whale watching and turtle release. Consider them if your honeymoon is between December and March.

If you plan your wedding in other months, you can go swimming with dolphins, beautiful and intelligent animals with which you will have a magical moment.

You can stroll along the boardwalk at sunset or dusk, have a romantic dinner, or enjoy the nightlife.


Puerto Vallarta offers many packages for honeymooners.

Velas Vallarta, for example, offers its Romance package: a welcome drink, honeymoon suite, a bottle of wine, a romantic dinner, and unique room decoration.

2. Honeymoon in Tulum Mexico

honeymoon in mexico
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Surely you have already heard about Tulum, and when you hear its name, the first thing that comes to mind is the famous archeological zone.

Tulum offers an archaeological site, a wonderful beach, and hotel options to spend the night during your stay.

The first beach option is Playa Paraiso, which has white sand and an impressive sea; you will also have some services nearby.

Among these, you will find restaurants that will delight you with their dishes and a romantic dinner, and you will also find bars with a pleasant atmosphere.


One of the most recommended hotels in this area is the Azulik, which has 15 private villas where the view will enchant you, and the rooms will make you fall in love again.

It also has a SPA where you can enjoy a rich aesthetic treatment, a temazcal or massage, and what better than with your partner, can you imagine?

During your stay, don’t forget to tour Playa del Carmen, where you will find many restaurants and high-end shops on the iconic Fifth Avenue.

3. Honeymoon in San Miguel de Allende Mexico

honeymoon in mexico
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Among Mexico’s honeymoon destinations is San Miguel de Allende in Guanajuato; needless to say, its cobblestone streets and rich history will fascinate you.

Surely you have already heard about it, or maybe you already know it, but why not consider it to celebrate your honeymoon?

First, it is a very romantic destination because the place is small and colonial, giving it a romantic touch.

The first point of interest is its neo-gothic parish that emerged during the Renaissance, a movement that renewed thought, arts, and sciences. 

It also has many restaurants that can offer you a romantic dinner either on a balcony or on the small cobblestone streets.

This parish was built by Zeferino Gutiérrez, who was inspired by the Gothic style. Another point is the old Plaza de la Soledad, where you can enjoy a lovely afternoon.

The atmosphere becomes more romantic during the night with different activities with your partner, such as a tour of stories and legends.

4. Holbox Island in Quintana Roo

honeymoon in mexico
Source: lunamarina / shutterstock.com

If you haven’t selected any of these destinations, don’t worry because many more will catch your attention.

Organizing a wedding is difficult since every detail must be perfectly covered, starting with the right destination.

If you choose Holbox for your honeymoon in Mexico, you can do many activities besides enjoying its crystal clear waters.

You can go kayaking or snorkeling or enjoy the biodiversity you will find on this small island.

Within the hotels, you will find beautiful boutique properties perfect for that special occasion, and they will also delight you with some fresh gastronomic dishes.

Holbox Island is incredible. It is small, romantic, relaxed, and has everything you need to enjoy the perfect honeymoon.

5. Merida Yucatan

vamonos to mexico
Source: cge2010 / shutterstock.com

If beaches are not your thing, Merida is a great option. This city is one of my favorite destinations because of its peaceful atmosphere.

First, you can visit La Casa de Montejo to admire its architecture and take a souvenir photo. Then visit the neoclassical Government Palace built during the Porfiriato.

Afterward, you can visit the main square to find the famous and traditional “lovers’ chairs.”

The story goes that in these chairs, the bride and groom used to sit and talk without touching each other, maintaining yesteryear’s good and conservative customs.

Another activity you must experience is a beer tour tasting—a great variety of domestic beers, and what better than in the warm weather of Mérida.

They also offer a romantic horseback ride at the hacienda Zamná which I highly recommend. Ask about the package for honeymooners.

Now let’s talk about the hotels, Merida has a great variety of them, but the Hotel Hacienda Inn Resort Maya has the best romantic deals.

The price of these packages varies depending on the type of service, but it is a great lodging alternative to spend your honeymoon.

Merida Yucatan is home to some of the most traditional dishes in Mexico; some include panuchos, cochinita pibil, and a delicious gazpacho.

6. Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca

vamonos to mexico
Source: LMspencer / Shutterstock.com

Another honeymoon destination in Mexico is Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca, which has eight beaches you can enjoy with your partner.

Something peculiar about this destination is the Manialtepec Lagoon because, at night, an incredible phenomenon occurs: the water lights up blue.

Don’t forget to bring your bathing suit for swimming; it is undoubtedly a good option for lovely souvenir photos with your partner.

Another activity to do is turtle release; remember that you can not touch them because you alter their DNA; this activity has certain precautions.

If you love water sports, you can surf at Zicatela beach, or if you are an expert, you can hire a package where instructors will take you to explore different waves.

You can also go to El Adoquin, a street where you can go for a walk, buy handicrafts, or have a romantic dinner in its restaurants.

One of the best hotels that Puerto Escondido offers for a honeymoon in Mexico is Hotel Buganvilias Resort which is all-inclusive and with activities for couples.

7. Honeymoon in Sayulita Mexico

vamonos to mexico
Source: Kelly Mason Photo / Shutterstock.com

Here is another Magical Town: Sayulita. It is located in Nayarit, a small fishing village with a pleasant atmosphere.

The peculiarity of this town is its colorful streets, a city full of joy; I bet this happiness will be more if you are newlyweds. Let yourselves be filled with love.

In this destination you will find a great variety of restaurants and souvenir shops.

How about a couples massage on the beach? In Sayulita, it is possible; besides enjoying a nice beach with your partner, why not also have a relaxing massage?

There’s a great variety of hotels for overnight stays, among them: Amor Boutique Hotel, El Pueblito Sayulita, and Siete Lunas; ask for their honeymoon packages.

Within its gastronomy, you will find dishes where the main ingredient is seafood. Enjoy!

8. San Cristobal de las Casas Chiapas

honeymoon in mexico
Source: Fotos593 / Shutterstock.com

Without a doubt, another of my favorite destinations is San Cristobal de las Casas, located in the state of Chiapas, a Magical Town full of beautiful cobblestone streets.

There are several tourist attractions here, such as the Cerro de Guadalupe Church, whose name suggests it is atop this hill.

To reach it, you will have to climb about 80 steps approximately, and go up with your partner; the view will be amazing once you have arrived.

You can take a night walk downtown and enjoy a romantic dinner in one of its restaurants in the evenings.

What sells best are pizzas with red wine, an excellent idea for an evening full of love and romance. Admire its colorful streets and, above all, the tranquility of this small town.

In addition, you can complete this trip with a beautiful tour visiting the famous sumidero canyon, monte bello, blue lagoon, and the chiflón waterfalls for some divine pictures.

Within this destination, you will find many hotels; some are economical and very nice, while others are more expensive. It all depends on your budget.

Without a doubt, I highly recommend San Cristobal de las Casas Chiapas. I bet you will love it as much as I do. You can take many beautiful and creative shots to make a memorable honeymoon.

9. Honeymoon in Punta Mita Mexico

vamonos to mexico
Source: Abigail Michaud / shutterstock.com

For the past ten years, Punta Mita Nayarit has become one of Mexico’s best “high-end” destinations for vacationers and honeymooners.

Punta Mita is 45 minutes from Puerto Vallarta International airport.

You will also find several beaches for diving, fishing, visiting archaeological sites, or any other activity you can enjoy as a couple.

Punta Mita is home to several luxury resorts like the Four Seasons.

10. Honeymoon in San Carlos Sonora Mexico

san carlos sonora
Source: jejim / shutterstock.com

San Carlos Sonora is considered a tourist jewel due to its landscapes, the beautiful views of the sea of Cortez, and the semi-desert hills.

Among its activities, this destination has a peculiar one: climbing the Tetakawi hill, where you will love the view.

Also, you should not miss the Nacapule canyon, which offers zip line and rappel circuits if you are an adrenaline couple.

You can acquire one of these pearls and learn the process and why they are valuable at the pearl farm for a nice and authentic souvenir.

This destination offers a variety of hotels, some with tours; most are near the beach or in front of it.

11. Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California

valle de guadalupe
Source: dbernalfoto / shutterstock.com

Valle de Guadalupe is highly recommended if you are a wine lover. There is no better option than a honeymoon among vineyards and wine professionals.

The vineyards, which offer services such as tours, wine pairing, or tasting of their best reserves, are among the places you should visit.

Can you imagine a photo shoot in these beautiful vineyards? What better than creative and unique photos that will last a lifetime so that you will relive this moment repeatedly?

You don’t have to worry about overnight stays because there are also many hotels with a unique charm, whether the view, architecture, or type of service.

The hotel Ojo Azul is one of the most beautiful because it is out of the ordinary; it has a spa, jacuzzi, pool, and yoga, decorated with vineyards.

Some have private dinners and are responsible for the decoration and menu you may like for a romantic evening.

Do not hesitate and dare to live a honeymoon in Mexico among vineyards and tastings that will add a special touch to your trip.

12. Costa Alegre, Jalisco

This is the last destination on today’s list for a honeymoon; as you probably noticed, most of them have beaches, as they are the most requested by couples.

Costa Alegre is also a beach destination with a pleasant climate and an incredible atmosphere.

Within gastronomy, you will have a variety of seafood to taste with your partner during a romantic meal in one of its restaurants.

The hotels in Costa Alegre have beautiful facades and services such as swimming pools and lounge chairs to sunbathe in the afternoon.

One of the most romantic hotels in this area for the perfect honeymoon is Las Alamandas. Check it out!

Visit the corridor full of beautiful beaches where you will enjoy a fantastic sunset and take many pictures.

Mexico is full of tourist wonders that make very romantic destinations, from small towns, beaches, vineyards, and archaeological sites.

I hope this guide helps you make the right choice. Which one is your favorite?

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