Salina Cruz Oaxaca: Surf, Swim, and More

Although Salina Cruz, a coastal city in Oaxaca, is not very touristy, it still has some lovely beaches just a few kilometers outside the city.

Among these beaches stand out: Playa Azul, Playa Brasil, Playa Escondida, Las Escolleras, and Bahia La Ventosa.

The tide that characterizes the beaches of Salina Cruz Oaxaca makes them excellent places to practice surfing, sailing, and other nautical activities.

Top things to do in Salina Cruz Oaxaca

In addition to enjoying the beaches, Salina Cruz has large shopping malls, several convenience stores and supermarkets, and a famous lighthouse.

The iconic Mercado de Salina Cruz is also characterized as being picturesque and colorful.

This commercial space sells vegetables, fruits, and locally produced products like the delicious Oaxaca cheese.

In the city of Salina Cruz, year after year, an important party is held on the beach to celebrate Easter.

This event gathers thousands of visitors eager to learn about the main traditions of the Oaxacan coasts.

Tips for visiting Salina Cruz, Oaxaca

Salina Cruz is a relevant fishing, oil, and commercial hub.

It is outlined in Mexican geography as a great “shipyard” named after the salt mines in its surroundings (Salina means saline).

Among the unmissable attractions of this Oaxacan port is the Cortés Lighthouse, which served as a guiding element for the ships that made the first explorations of Central America and the Sea of Cortés.

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Top 3 Salina Cruz beaches

salina cruz oaxaca

The Bay of Salina Cruz has good tourist potential with its gentle slope and medium-grain sand.

It has a moderate swell and warm turquoise water.

There are rustic restaurants where succulent seafood dishes are prepared on the beach.

On the other hand, the fishermen who live in the community offer boat tours to get to know the most attractive corners of the area.

Bahia La Ventosa

salina cruz oaxaca mexico
Bahia La Ventosa /

Bahia La Ventosa is mostly visited during summer due to its geographic characteristics. It has smooth sand and a medium slope.

The waves range from light to moderate. The “palaperos” restaurants on this beach are highly recommended for delicious seafood and local delicacies.

Playa Azul and Punta Conejo (Surfing)

Playa Azul is extensive and has the shape of a bay. It also has a moderately steep slope and smooth sand.

The blue water is warm, and the waves rock with medium intensity.

It is a peaceful refuge frequented by locals on weekends. In addition, for the comfort of the visitors, the site offers hammock rentals and restaurant service.

Punta Conejo is another beach next to Playa Azul and is one of the best surfing spots in Salina Cruz.

You will need a 4×4 vehicle or go on foot to get there. It’s about a 25-minute walk from Playa Azul.

Remember that the best season for surfing in Salina Cruz is between March and November.

Escolleras beach

Playa Las Escolleras is a vast coastal area shaped like a bay.

The slope of Las Escolleras is medium, and so is the sand. The water of this coastal paradise is blue and warm. It has rustic but efficient tourist services.

Salina Cruz gastronomy

Regarding the culinary traditions, the stews prepared with black and red, yellow, coloradito and chichilo mole, corn and seafood bread and tamales, and purple or white corn chips stand out.

Other gastronomic creations not to be missed in Salina Cruz are:

  • Marquesote, a regional bread prepared with eggs and starch
  • Champurrado is the traditional corn gruel mixed with chocolate and other complements
  • Fruits not to be missed in the locals’ diet are the chilacayote and chicozapote

How to get to Salina Cruz Oaxaca

As I mentioned earlier, Salina Cruz is southeast of Oaxaca City, 267 km away on Federal Highway 190 to the Isthmus, until it connects with Federal Highway 185.

Salina Cruz is also linked by bus to many important destinations.

Several bus companies offer first-class, comfortable buses for a low fare.

If you want to fly, Huatulco is your nearest point.

The U.S. and Canada offer direct flights to Huatulco, although it is usually more common to take a connecting flight from Mexico City to Huatulco.

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