Lo de Marcos Nayarit, Mexico: A Complete Beach Guide

It seems that Mexico never ceases to amaze me with all the small towns throughout the country, and Lo de Marcos Nayarit is no exception.

Although it is a relatively small town, it has much to offer. But above all, its tranquility is what stands out.

This fishing village of colorful streets has a golden sand beach and joyful waves.

Its waters are neither calm nor excessively intense; they are the midpoint between a swimming pool and the open sea.

This is important because many of the beaches in Nayarit are notorious for their intense waves, so much so that sometimes you can’t even get into them.

How did Lo de Marcos get its name?

lo de marcos nayarit mexico
Source: julien justamon / flickr

Many may find this name curious since it is not common in Mexico to say: “let’s go to someone’s place” to refer to their house or business.

It is more common to hear this expression in Argentina or Spain.

Although there is no proven version, it is said that many years ago, most of the town belonged to a wealthy landowner named Marcos.

Whenever someone referred to his land or went there, he would say: “let’s go to Marcos’ place,” and that’s how it got the name.

Where is Lo de Marcos Nayarit?

Lo de Marcos is located about two hours from the capital city of Nayarit, Tepic, and an hour away from Puerto Vallarta.

To access this small town, get to Tepic, take a bus to Puerto Vallarta, and get off at the Lo de Marcos stop.

However, if you enjoy road trips, you can take advantage of renting a car and visiting different towns along the way.

Driving to Lo de Marcos from Mexico City takes about 11 hours.

Other nearby popular beaches:

Is there surfing in Lo de Marcos?

There’s a reason why surfers come from all over to these beaches.

However, if you like to ride the waves but are not a professional surfer, you will have an incredible time in Lo de Marcos.

Since it is beginner friendly, you can swim and feel the thrill of the waves without the risk of an accident.

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As on other beaches, where the tide is more intense, you can’t even enter the shore unless you are an expert swimmer.

If you’re an advanced surfer and want more challenging waves, I recommend visiting the nearby town of Sayulita.

Enjoy the beach in Lo de Marcos

lo de marcos mexico nayrit
Lo de Marcos main beach – Source: julien justamon / flickr

It’s no secret that the Riviera Nayarit has some of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico.

Lo de Marcos is one of them, characterized by its beautiful cobblestone streets, colorful trees covered with flowers, fishing groups established on the coast during the day, and local atmosphere.

One of the newest destinations in Mexico to enjoy a quiet vacation surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes.

It is characterized by turquoise blue waters, friendly and carefree atmosphere, bohemian corners, and incredible cultural offerings.

Besides being one of the state’s best-kept secrets, Lo de Marcos is also the perfect destination when you need a paradisiacal escape with a local essence.

Best things to do in Lo de Marcos Nayarit

vamonos to mexico
Source: Sergio Gonzalez / flickr

Some of the most popular activities available in Lo de Marcos are the following:

  • Taking a horseback ride along the beach
  • Going on a boat tour visiting nearby beaches
  • Enjoy water sports (snorkeling, kayaking, jet skiing)
  • Taste the specialties of the local gastronomy – such as zarandeado fish, shrimp meatballs, and marlin tacos – or venture out on a fishing trip to the open sea.

If you want to enjoy an even more memorable experience, you can choose to bring your tent and camp next to Lo de Marcos beach.

There’s also a trailer park where you can park vans safely.

No matter what type of visit you are looking for, you are guaranteed an unforgettable vacation filled with an incredible local atmosphere.

Lodging options

Lo de Marcos has a very efficient hotel offer, which includes villas, bungalows, comfortable hotel rooms, and other options.

I will list the 6 best hotels (based on customer ratings) for your convenience and all budgets.

Remember that some hotels are not precisely in Lo de Marcos but nearby.

  1. Casa del Sol
  2. Hosteria Chata Adults Only
  3. One and Only Mandarina
  4. Casa Elena
  5. Casa Ticu
  6. Bungalows Ostión Azul

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