Polanco Neighborhood in Mexico City: Ultimate Guide

Known as one of the fanciest neighborhoods in Mexico City, Polanco is an area where you can find (of course) excellent restaurants and bars, nightclubs and cantinas, numerous art galleries, theaters, shopping centers, and many other attractions that make this neighborhood a gem you can’t miss.

Join me on this tour, where we will explore Polanco and all its attractions, so hold on tight and let the journey begin!

Is Polanco a good neighborhood in Mexico City?

Polanco is actually the best and safest neighborhood in Mexico City.

It is taken today as one of the most exclusive residential and business areas after taking off in the 1930s when tree-lined avenues and luxury mansions with front gardens and rear patios were built.

Polanco was first populated by European and Asian immigrants of various nationalities, such as Spaniards, Jews, Lebanese, and Germans.

The area soon became very important for trade and tourism development. 

What is there to see in Polanco?

polanco mexico city
Impressive architecture at the Soumaya Museum – Source: MIGUEL GLR / flickr.com

In Polanco, you’ll find important and charming attractions such as:

  • Chapultepec Forest (Bosque de Chapultepec)
  • National Museum of Anthropology
  • Museum of Modern Art
  • Rufino Tamayo Museum
  • Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros
  • Soumaya Museum

There are also numerous shopping malls and department stores. Among these shopping centers are:

  • Pasaje Polanco
  • Plaza Polanco
  • Pabellón Polanco
  • Palacio de Hierro
  • Liverpool
  • Centro Comercial Antara
  • Plaza Carso

Furthermore, Polanco is a place that will provide you with great entertainment opportunities, with the most modern, popular, and sophisticated venues found throughout the city.

Polanco’s nightlife

polanco mexico city
Joy Room nightclub

There are different places in Polanco, be it a nightclub, a bar, or a cantina, where you can go with friends to have a good time, to find a date, or with a partner to enjoy dancing. 

An excellent establishment is the Living Room Bar (at the W Hotel), which has the prestige of the best hotel bars, with excellent service, and is also quite comfortable.

The decor in the Living Room Bar is exquisite, with a contemporary touch and a feeling of rustic luxury.

Now, if you prefer to spend a night of dancing and fun, the Joy Room nightclub is a great experience.

Known for being the Polanco nightclub for people over 25 years old, this place is frequented by people 50 years and older, making it very sophisticated.

Go with friends or with your partner and enjoy the best house music in an environment with eclectic and tribal decor.

Another great option is the popular nightclub La Puerta de Alcalá. This place is a favorite of many for its excellent music, with a DJ that develops mixes from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s and a live band that plays and sings the hits of those same eras.

Besides that, La Puerta de Alcalá is the place to remember the years of glowing colors, torn socks, and bulky hairstyles, making it a perfect place for people of various ages.

As if that were not enough, the decoration of the place, with its giant Rubick cubes hanging from the ceiling, the screens showing videos of a young Luis Miguel or Ambrosio’s Carabina, and the miniature shots, among others, make this joint an excellent option to get out of the routine.

Other options that might interest you are the bar La Excéntrica, the Licorería Limantour Polanco, the Gin Gin Polanco, the Nightclub Love, and the Gravity Club.

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Find the best art in Polanco, Mexico City

polanco mexico city
Rufino Tamayo Museum – Source: transient musket / flickr.com

In Polanco, you can find numerous sites and galleries to appreciate the works of emerging or well-known artists, giving you the option to bring out your artistic knowledge.

Rufino Tamayo Museum of Contemporary Art

Starting with the main art site in Polanco, the Rufino Tamayo Museum of Contemporary Art is home to the impressive collection donated by the artist, which includes works by great masters of the 60s and 70s.

Occasionally, the museum offers activities and workshops for children and adults seeking to maintain education in contemporary art.

I recommend you take one guided tour to visit the museum’s exhibitions and spaces while learning about the institution’s history and the meaning of the different works.

At the end of your tour, don’t forget to visit the museum store, where you can purchase any publications, national or international editions, or Mexican design products.

Museum of Modern Art

Moving on to the following artistic site is the Museum of Modern Art.

One of the most beautiful collections of modern art in America, with outstanding pieces created in the twentieth century by great artists such as Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, etc., also offers excellent-quality temporary exhibitions.

Furthermore, you can appreciate an impressive collection by Mexican photographer Manuel Alvarez Bravo.

And not only inside will you find art, but outside you will see the Sculpture Garden, a very suitable space to rest or stroll while observing works by Mathias Goeritz, Ángela Gurría, Germán Cueto, and Juan Soriano.

Casa del Lago Juan José Arreola

polanco mexico city
Casa del Lago Juan José Arreola – Source: NOE PARRA / flickr.com

Our next stop is the Casa del Lago Juan José Arreola, a space that was initially the automobile club, inaugurated by Porfirio Díaz in 1908.

Later, in 1929, it became the Biology Institute of the National University of Mexico. Finally, in 1959, this location was designated as a cultural diffusion center to carry out high-quality artistic activities, including dance, theater, music, cinema, and plastic arts.

The house has two large halls where conferences and art workshops are held and a beautiful balcony from which the Chapultepec Lake can be observed.

Its exhibitions include pieces of contemporary and urban art, with photographs, paintings, sculptures, clothing, drawings, and others.

I also want to mention other places of great importance in Polanco Mexico City, such as:

  • The Chapultepec Cultural Forum, where you can enjoy live performances, concerts, lectures, film shows, or exhibitions
  • The Centro Cultural del Bosque, known as the most important site for performing arts, including numerous theaters, halls, and squares
  • The Telcel Theater, a space that resembles Broadway, its auditorium considered the most complete in Latin America, having an advanced audio system called Constellation, with 270 speakers distributed throughout the room
  • And, of course, the striking Soumaya Museum, with its collection of great masterpieces of European and Mesoamerican painting and sculpture

Polanco is, without a doubt, where you can find the best exhibitions, galleries, and museums, so take a walk and become a true art fan.

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8 Best Restaurants In Polanco, Mexico City

I can’t talk about Polanco without talking about its world-class restaurants, of course.

There are numerous places with menus ranging from Mexican, Latin, and international cuisine to seafood, steakhouses, and vegetarian dishes.

In the Polanco neighborhood, you will find many of the best restaurants that represent all that in an elegant and first-class atmosphere since this neighborhood has been popularly known for having many of the best options in the city.

This is my list of the 8 best restaurants in Polanco. Take note:

1. Agua y Sal Cebichería

polanco mexico city
Source: DCHIC / flickr.com

Visit this excellent restaurant to enjoy a wide variety of fresh and delicious seafood, like delicious ceviches, cocktails, fish fillets, and wood-fired clams, among others.

The service is very good and friendly and you will enjoy it from the moment you arrive.

The decor and music of the place will transport you to a coastal port, away from all the stress of the city.

Undoubtedly one of the best seafood restaurants in town.

2. Dulce Patria Restaurant in Las Alcobas


At Dulce Patria, you will find the most delicious Mexican food in beautiful presentations, both elegant and creative, with a menu that includes its famous chiles en nogada, delicious desserts, and very colorful and tasty sweets.

The variety of sauces and moles will leave you with a pleasant memory, as they are exquisite and for all tastes.

Staff service is friendly and cordial, offering information about all the dishes; the wine list has excellent options, making this restaurant one of the best to eat in Polanco.

3. Au Pied de Cochon Restaurant

A restaurant known for having the most delicious Onion Soup, Au Pied de Cochon offers you a wide range of flavors with its dishes of European origin, mainly French.

You will find Brie cheese croquettes, paper-wrapped fish, beef cheeks, seafood dishes, goose pate, and other exquisite options among the most popular dishes.

The restaurant’s interior is elegant and clean, with a cordial and warm atmosphere, making it an excellent option for celebrating important events, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or others.

4. Hacienda de los Morales Restaurant

At Hacienda de Los Morales, you will find a wide variety of regional Mexican dishes, delicious dessert options, vegetarian specialties, unique drinks, and a traditional atmosphere that invites you to remember the colonial era.

The restaurant building has an architecture that you will find very beautiful and features that invite you to come back again and again, while the service is efficient and friendly.

Don’t forget to ask about the classic dishes, such as chile en nogada, arrachera, Ixtoc shrimp, escamoles taco, or tortilla soup.

5. Pujol Restaurant in Polanco, Mexico City

polanco mexico city
Pujol Mexico City – Source: ulterior epicure / flickr.com

A place you will remember more for the wide range of flavors combined in its tasting dishes than for the size of the portions since, at Pujol, you will find a menu that will allow you to try innovative haute cuisine techniques fused with local gastronomy.

I recommend you to go to this restaurant if you are a fan of flavors, creativity, and elegant and sophisticated dishes.

Pujol requires reservations at least one month in advance.

In addition, the level of service you will receive from the servers will allow you to learn about the elaboration and ingredients of the dishes, as they can be a bit complex.

6. Puerto Madero Restaurant

If you like seafood, but someone else prefers steak, you will find the ideal place to eat in Puerto Madero.

You will appreciate different fish, seafood, and meat dishes on its menu, with excellent and delicious desserts that will delight even the most capricious of palates. 

The restaurant’s bar is an excellent place to spend time since it has the best liquors and modern cocktails—the best option for a meeting with business partners or friends.

7. Porfirio’s Polanco Restaurant

porfirios restaurante

If you are looking for the ideal restaurant to celebrate a special occasion, Porfirio’s Polanco is for you.

This fine Mexican restaurant offers an elegant and warm atmosphere with live music, especially mariachis, making any meeting or special day a memorable experience.

The menu includes Mexican dishes, served with care and in creative ways; the desserts are trendy, as they are large and ideal for sharing. 

Come with your family, friends, or business associates looking to experience Mexican haute cuisine.

8. El Bajío Restaurant

El Bajío is the place to find the definition of a very Mexican meal since it is a beautiful restaurant where you can enjoy the best of Mexico’s classic cuisine.

Each dish is served with the originality and tradition it represents, such as chile en nogada, mole enchiladas, plantain tortillas, chicharrón gorditas, carnitas tacos, and chilaquiles, among many other delicious options.

The service is very efficient, and they have numerous drinks and desserts that will satisfy all your tastes and those of your companions.

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TOP 14 Best Hotels in Polanco, Mexico City

If you are planning to come but still have no idea where to stay, I will list the best hotels in the Polanco area, all conveniently located. Take note:

1. Pug Seal Anatole France

polanco mexico city

The beautiful mansion that houses this hotel has characteristic blue and green colors, and its door invites you to enter a world where comfort and originality are present in every corner.

The decoration of the common areas is eclectic, bringing together various styles to achieve one of its own.

The beds are spacious and super comfortable.

The rooms are decorated in a modernist style. They abound in strong colors, such as royal blue, brown, and purple, combined with white.

This hotel has everything you need to make you feel at home: air conditioning, a private bathroom with free toiletries, cable TV, and a minibar.

Check for the best rates and availability

To please your gastronomic taste buds, nearby you have several options, such as restaurants “La Única,” “Pujol,” and “Dulce Patria,” where you can taste excellent Mexican dishes.

If you stay at this hotel, you can visit the city’s tourist attractions a little more than 1 km away, such as the National Museum of Anthropology, the Chapultepec Forest, the National Auditorium, and Chapultepec Castle.

2. Intercontinental Presidente Mexico City

polanco neighborhood
City view from the Intercontinental Presidente Mexico City – Source: epiclectic / flickr.com

Just 800 meters from the Museum of Anthropology, this hotel offers all the comforts while you get to know Mexico City.

The hotel is decorated in a modernist style, the facilities are very well cared for, and the staff’s attention is exceptional.

The rooms are modern, with a predominance of gray and the bed linens add a touch of color.

You will enjoy beautiful city views, a private bathroom with shower or bathtub, state-of-the-art cable TV, a minibar, and some with a living area.

If you are passionate about gastronomy, you will enjoy your stay here. This hotel has several restaurants specializing in Mexican, French, Chinese, and Italian food, where you will taste exquisite dishes.

Check for the best rates and availability

This hotel’s excellent fitness center and 24-hour personalized attention are a plus.

From here, it will be straightforward to visit emblematic sites of the city, such as the National Museum of Anthropology, Chapultepec Castle, or the Rufino Tamayo Museum, all located less than 1.5 km.

3. JW Marriott Polanco Hotel Mexico City

polanco mexico city jw

Like all Marriott hotels, this one oozes luxury and comfort wherever you look.

Staying here is an experience not to be missed. It offers many amenities that will make your stay something worth repeating.

You will have beautiful views of the city from each of the rooms.

It has a beautiful outdoor pool where you can enjoy the capital’s sunshine, a complete fitness center where you can work out at your leisure, and staff attentive to your needs 24 hours a day.

The rooms are decorated with class and sobriety. They are predominantly beige. The beds are spacious and very comfortable.

Check for the best rates and availability

In the hotel’s restaurant, “Xanat,” you can enjoy exquisite Mexican cuisine. If you want different options, other restaurants are nearby, such as “Pujol” or “Jaso.”

The city’s tourist attractions, such as the National Museum of Anthropology, Chapultepec Forest, and the Lunario, are less than 1.5 km from the hotel.

4. W Mexico City

hotel w
Source: m d / flickr.com

Located 1 km from the National Museum of Anthropology, this hotel is an ideal option for you if you want to stay in a place where you will have all the comforts to make you feel at home.

The hotel is decorated in a modernist style, where bright colors contrast with white to create an atmosphere of total harmony.

The rooms are tastefully decorated. They are predominantly white, combined with accessories in colors such as blue or green.

They have large windows through which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city.

In the mornings, they serve an exquisite breakfast buffet with endless options for all tastes.

For the rest of the meals, there is the J restaurant, where you can taste delicious dishes of Mexican and international cuisine, and at night, the Living Room Bar offers a wide variety of drinks.

Check for the best rates and availability

A plus of this hotel is the spa, where, for an extra fee, you can get relaxation and wellness treatments. It also has a fully-equipped gym for you to keep up with your exercise routine.

Less than 2 km from the hotel, you can find essential tourist sites such as the National Auditorium, the Chapultepec Forest, the Moliere Theater, or the Lunario.

5. Hyatt Regency Mexico City Hotel

polanco mexico city
Source: ap0013 / flickr.com

Located in the Polanco neighborhood, along Campos Eliseos Ave. (Champs Elysees), this hotel is an excellent alternative if you want to stay in a place full of comfort that will make your stay unforgettable.

The hotel is decorated in a modern and sober style, all well-maintained. The comfortable beds are made with white linen.

Most rooms have a beautiful view of the city and the Chapultepec Forest.

If you are a fan of good gastronomy, this hotel is ideal for you, as it houses 3 restaurants: “Rulfo Paraje Latino” (Latin American food), “Teppan Grill” and “Yoshimi” (both Japanese food).

Check for the best rates and availability

There are also two bars offering an assortment of drinks for your enjoyment.

The hotel also offers an indoor swimming pool open all year round, a well-equipped gym, and a sauna—everything you need to relax during your stay.

6. Pug Seal Allan Poe Suites

polanco mexico city
Source: Booking.com/pug

This hotel, with a literary name, has the external appearance of a large mansion.

Its doors open onto an environment where the decoration mixes traditional and modern elements. According to guests, it is excellent value for money.

The rooms don’t follow the same decoration pattern, as each has its own identity. Nevertheless, they are all very tasteful.

Depending on your chosen room, you can enjoy a balcony or terrace overlooking the beautiful garden. The beds are spacious and comfortable.

Check for the best rates and availability

An exquisite breakfast is served every morning in the hotel’s restaurant to give you energy before touring the city.

You can also enjoy the rest of the meals with an a la carte menu.

The closest tourist sites to the hotel are the Moliere Theater, the National Auditorium, the Lunario, and the Inbursa Aquarium, which are approximately 1 km away.

7. Camino Real Polanco Mexico City

camino real polanco
Source: Ted McGrath / flickr.com

Camino Real hotels have always been known for their comfort, luxury, and superb service.

Despite being 50 years old, the structure and appearance of this hotel evidence modernism everywhere.

It boasts a spacious lobby with necessary comfortable furniture for you to sit and wait to be served.

The rooms are spacious, with windows through which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the hotel’s green areas.

Check for the best rates and availability

To satisfy your gastronomic needs, this hotel has 7 restaurants that offer a wide variety of options: Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, coffee shops, and Mexican food.

If you stay at the hotel for the day (without going out), you won’t get bored, as you can enjoy an outdoor swimming pool open all year round and a fully-equipped gym.

8. The Alest Hotel

polanco mexico city

The Alest hotel makes an excellent choice for a relaxing stay while exploring the cultural richness of Mexico City.

The hotel is decorated in a traditional style, so much so that it gives the impression that you are at home. The rooms are spacious, with white walls and parquet floors.

The hotel’s “Dixon” restaurant offers a variety of typical Mexican dishes. Nearby some establishments offer various alternatives.

Check for the best rates and availability

Tourist attractions such as the National Museum of Anthropology, the National Auditorium, the Lunario, and the Moliere Theater are approximately 1 km from the hotel.

9. Las Alcobas Mexico City

las alcobas mexico
Las Alcobas Hotel front desk – Source: Julie and Francisco Schwietert Collazo / flickr.com

In the heart of the Polanco neighborhood, Las Alcobas hotel provides all the comforts for you to enjoy a few days of total relaxation in the Mexican capital.

The common areas of the hotel are decorated soberly but with exquisite taste, and every detail is taken care of so that the harmony of the place is maintained.

There’s a fully-equipped gym and spa to make you feel pampered.

“Anatol” and “Dulce Patria” are the hotel’s two restaurants that offer exquisite Mexican and international cuisine on an a la carte menu.

Check for the best rates and availability

A few meters from the hotel, you will also find the acclaimed restaurant “Pujol.”

Some important tourist sites are not far from the hotel, such as the Inbursa Aquarium, the National Museum of Anthropology, and the Lunario.

10. Alteza Polanco, Mexico City

The hotel is decorated in a modern and sober style, with a predominance of beige and brown colors, contrasted by the red roses throughout the lobby, repeated in the rooms.

The rooms are stylishly decorated, combining solid colors such as red with white. The beds are spacious and comfortable, covered with white linens.

To make you feel at home, they have a microwave, a small refrigerator, and even a coffee maker for you to prepare your coffee.

The room’s large windows will give you privileged city views.

You can enjoy international cuisine in the hotel’s restaurant with an a la carte menu.

Check for the best rates and availability

Some emblematic sites in the city, such as the Soumaya Museum or the Moliere Theater, are less than one km away.

11. Obelisk Suites

obelisk hotel

The structure of this hotel is relatively modern. It looks like a condominium building but is decorated with sobriety and good taste.

The rooms, decorated in brown and beige tones combined with white, have all the amenities to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

A continental breakfast is served in the mornings. The hotel’s restaurant offers a menu featuring delicious international cuisine dishes for the rest of the meals.

Check for the best rates and availability

Nearby are several restaurants, such as “Casa Portuguesa” and “Butcher and Sons.”

Its strategic location will allow you to be close to important tourist sites such as the National Museum of Anthropology or the National Auditorium.

12. Habita Hotel

vamonos to mexico
Source: Justin Jarboes / flickr.com

In the heart of the Polanco neighborhood, Mexico City, this comfortable hotel is an ideal option for whatever your travel purposes are.

The Habita is soberly decorated, mainly in light colors. The rooms are spacious, with a predominance of white.

Each room has air conditioning, satellite TV, a private bathroom (shower or bathtub), and a minibar. All have a balcony, where you can observe a beautiful view of the city.

The hotel has a fully-equipped gym and a spa center where you can access various treatments such as massages, a whirlpool, and a sauna.

Regarding food, the hotel has a restaurant, “Lobby,” where a continental and breakfast buffet is served, as well as lunch, dinner, and brunch on an a la carte menu.

Check for the best rates and availability

Near the hotel, there are other options, such as “Pujol,” “Quintonil,” or “Nexo.”

The National Museum of Anthropology, the Lunario, and the National Auditorium are within walking distance

13. Grand Fiesta American Chapultepec

polanco mexico city
View of the Chapultepec Castle from one of the rooms

With 24-hour service and many amenities, this hotel is an excellent choice for an unforgettable stay in Polanco, Mexico City.

The rooms are spacious, with windows through which you will enjoy an exceptional view of the Chapultepec Forest and Castle.

In the hotel’s restaurant, “Salammbo,” you can enjoy an exquisite a la carte menu with typical Mexican and international cuisine.

Near the hotel, you will also find several food establishments for all tastes, such as “Tacos Don Manolito,” “Los Panchos,” “El Fogoncito,” and “María Bonita.”

Check for the best rates and availability

If you want to spend an entire day at the hotel without going out, you can enjoy the treatments offered by the spa, such as massages, exfoliation, steam baths, and facials.

You can also work out in the hotel’s well-equipped gym.

A little more than 500 meters from the hotel, you can visit Chapultepec Castle, the Estela de Luz, the Torre Mayor, or the National Museum of Anthropology.

14. Wyndham Garden Mexico City Polanco

Yet another excellent option for you to enjoy a few days of relaxation in the Mexican capital.

The Wyndham Garden offers a fully-equipped gym where you can work out whenever you want.

“Sky Garden” is the hotel’s restaurant, where you can enjoy various Mexican and international cuisine.

Check for the best rates and availability

Nearby you can find other options such as “Los Panchos” and “La Vida Argentina Polanco,” whose food is delicious.

To visit some tourist sites, you won’t have to go far; within walking distance, you will find the Rufino Tamayo Museum, the Chapultepec Castle, and the Museum of Modern Art.

Ok folks, these are the best and most popular hotels in the Polanco area.

Now it’s up to you to decide where to stay and come to spend some unforgettable days in Mexico City. Vamonos!

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