Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita: A Complete Review

At the Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita, nature is displayed in all its splendor when admired from an infinite edge.

There are plenty of reasons to rest your eyes on the aquatic horizon that borders Punta Mita.

One of them, perhaps the most powerful, lies in the waters of Nuna, the infinity-edge pool that serves as the hedonistic epicenter of the Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita.

Here, sheltered by heated waters that become mirrors of the sky every afternoon, everything seems to point to the same goal: to look out to infinity.

However, supreme pleasure begins much earlier and is expressed in complicity with a system of comfort that can only be experienced in this resort.

From the beds, designed by specialists to help guests fall into the most restful sleep possible, they emerge constantly refreshed and renewed.

Are you ready to follow a personal itinerary in which moments of contemplative enjoyment abound?

Can you swim in the ocean at Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita?

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Yes, you can swim on the pleasant beaches of the Four Seasons Punta Mita.

I think this is one of the things that makes this resort stand out. It’s two beautiful beaches:

  1. Playa La Manzanilla – suitable for adults seeking tranquility
  2. Playa Las Cuevasfamily-oriented to enjoy with children

Playa La Manzanilla is a “long beach” almost 2 km long. You can take a pleasant stroll along the quiet, almost deserted beach.

Playa Las Cuevas is a small cove surrounded by rocks. It makes a perfect little beach to enjoy with your family.

Also, Beyond Playa Las Cuevas, you’ll find another stretch of beach. Perfect if you need a secluded spot just for you.

Enjoy the Four Seasons’ superb gastronomy and amenities

four seasons resort punta mita mexico
Dos Catrinas Restaurant – Source: Thomas Hawk /

Four Seasons has always taken pride in hiring some of the most talented teams of chefs and overall food and beverage staff.

You will see for yourself in some of the property’s restaurants:

  • Aramara: fine dining restaurant with an Asian influence and where the most demanding culinary experience is fulfilled
  • Bahía by Richard Sandoval: where a “sea and land” dining comes to life at the foot of the beach, amid candles and with the sounds of the Pacific Ocean
  • Dos Catrinas: in addition to Mexican foods, you can enjoy a premium cocktail or the specialty of the house

A tequila and mezcal tasting class is provided by the resident bartender, who leaves the bar to bring a selection of labels for your critique to the table.

His explanation, exhaustive and entertaining, contributes to a knowledgeable enjoyment.

An additional gourmet corner rests in the vicinity of the Tamai pool.

Here, in the comfort that only eight private cabanas with amenities that embrace the most pampered guests can offer, Asian preparations and refreshing cocktails with or without alcohol are served.

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Spend the day by the pool

four seasons resort punta mita mexico
Beat the heat at the floating bar – Source: Thomas Hawk /

The pool area, inhabited by some sculptures that emerge gracefully, favors constant swimming due to its rectangular shape.

A waterfall marks the birth of a small staircase leading to the cabanas.

Spend the rest of the afternoon in the comfort of a hanging chair, a deck chair, or a hammock.

It is fruitless in the long run to resist the fascinating sensation of floating in a spiral of unusual relaxation.

The total enjoyment of the senses is worthwhile (and marks the day’s itinerary).

The tail of the Whale Golf Club

Every walk on the property will lead, sooner or later, to one of the most incredible spaces of the complex: The Tail of Whale.

It is a natural island part of the Pacific golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus and can only be played and visited at low tide.

In addition to challenging golfing skills, the space offers stunning views of the Pacific and reaffirms the Resort’s reputation for having authentic “balconies to paradise.”

Get pampered at the Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita SPA

The appointment with the spa becomes unmissable after a couple of days.

Then, the promise of accessing the purest wellness from the hand of Mexican herbalism comes to life at Apuane Spa.

Here, in addition to booking a treatment following the recommendations of the in-house experts, it is advisable to show up an hour in advance.

Enjoy a hydrotherapy circuit that includes a steam room and sauna, ending in a relaxation room whose regenerative power can only be compared to the hotel’s beds.

Are dogs allowed at the Four Seasons Punta Mita?

four seasons resort punta mita
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After all the pandemic trouble we have gone through the last couple of years, I could say that we need a break, and so do our furry friends.

Only small dog breeds are allowed

The best way for you and your pup to spend memorable days is by visiting the Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita.

Here, your best friend will be as welcome as you are and pampered with exceptional amenities, unique facilities, and services designed especially for dogs.

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Check-in and perks upon arrival

Four Seasons’ signature service will be present from the very first moment: valets will help you with your luggage, and your furry companion will be offered water.

When you go to your room, and given that the hotel already knows that you will be traveling with your pet, a series of surprises will be waiting for you:

  • A dog bed
  • Food and water dishes
  • kibble (if requested)
  • A small bag of amenities that includes diapers, shampoo, nose protector, scent spray, and more

Room service for two

Just as you will be able to try a delicious range of dishes, the Four Seasons designed a menu for pets that includes complete meals:

  • Seared beef fillet
  • Diced chicken breast
  • Sautéed fish or meatballs
  • Sides: rice, boiled carrots, scrambled eggs, or a banana with peanut butter

And if one day you have plans to go out, you can request the pet sitting service or have someone walk your friend in advance.

Active and memorable days

As a guest, you can participate in various free activities: snorkeling, kayaking, aqua aerobics, and scenic walks, among others.

And for a fee, there are yoga classes, pilates, AquaForza, and more.

But, not to be left behind, your furry friend can be included in surfing and paddle boarding activities.

And, since dogs are considered part of the family at Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita, you can also celebrate their birthday party here or request a special in-room spa session that includes nail clipping or general grooming.

Without a doubt, a getaway to Punta Mita will become a memory that will last forever.

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