Las Nubes, Chiapas: A Nature & Waterfall Paradise

Las Nubes Waterfall is just another reason to fall in love with Chiapas, a place that will never cease to amaze you with its natural wonders.

To enjoy the waterfalls, you must first get to Causas Verdes, Las Nubes, the most successful ecotourism center in Chiapas today.

It is located in the municipality of Maravilla Tenejapa and is inhabited by about 275 indigenous Tzotzil and Tzeltal peoples.

The site lies on 47,000 square meters; it also has the mission to take advantage of the natural resources and to raise awareness among visitors about the care of the environment, in this case, the waterfalls.

When you arrive at the waterfalls, the first thing that will enchant you is the turquoise water.

It forms several natural pools of different depths and extensions, inviting you to dip immediately.

Why you should visit Las Nubes Waterfalls in Chiapas

las nubes chiapas
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This beautiful place witnesses a unique natural phenomenon that does justice to its name (las nubes means clouds).

The Lacandon jungle is home to the Santo Domingo River, a stream of water that gets its powerful flow from the irregular topography of the territory.

The innumerable waterfalls colliding with the rocks form a mass similar to a mist or cloudy body, where the name Las Nubes comes from.

The turquoise blue waters rush into the void vertically and loudly in the middle of natural landscapes that you can see in all their splendor from the site’s viewpoint.

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As it hits the waterfalls, the sunlight fills the place with numerous rainbows you can reach with the palms of your hands.

The thrilling scene you will witness as you stand on the Las Nubes suspension bridge will have compensated for the cost of the trip.

Other waterfalls nearby

las nubes chiapas
The rainbow waterfall (Arcoiris) – Source: jose juan zavala /

On the other hand, at dawn, see “El Cañón del Arcoíris,” another spectacular waterfall.

And to give way to the rushing waters is the waterfall “El Cañón Peña Alta,” where an arch of rocks is formed, providing shelter to multiple aquatic species, such as mojarras, catfish, and otters, among others.

There are many options for adrenaline seekers: the Santo Domingo River allows rafting, and “Los Cedros Intocables” allows rappelling or entering the Lacandon Jungle.

If you’re less adventurous, you can enjoy a nice hike, where you will be accompanied by toucans, parakeets, parrots, badgers, wild boars, macaws, and others you will prefer to see from afar, such as jaguars, pumas, and ocelots.

Touring Las Nubes, Chiapas

The natural ecosystem of Las Nubes made possible the establishment of an ecological tourist park with the Santo Domingo River as the main tourist attraction.

The jungle is filled with a great variety of floral plants, among which there are up to 268 different types, with 55 orchid species alone.

This natural ecosystem is also home to the May Flower and Begonias and diversified wildlife, with more than 290 species headed by herons and water ducks.

Las Nubes is located in an indigenous ejido supported by the National Commission for the Development of Indigenous Peoples. Read more about indigenous groups in Mexico.

Beginning the tour

Starting downstream from Ejido Las Nubes, you will begin a vertiginous descent.

You will appreciate beautiful and tempestuous water currents, some so powerful that they are used for extreme sports such as rafting.

Las Golondrinas is a uniform waterfall, and you will appreciate the striking flight of the birds that give it its name, which flutters incessantly, and some even have their nests in the cave behind the water curtain.

Another exciting place on tour is the Rainbow Canyon, also known as “La Licuadora” (The Blender).

Here I recommend you appreciate a phenomenon that occurs during the day (when the flow is more powerful), a beautiful rainbow formed by the sun and the water coming into contact with the rocks at the bottom.

At some point along the way you will be able to admire the vast landscape of the Lacandon Jungle and more panoramic views of the Santo Domingo River.

There is also a cave that makes things more interesting and exciting, with natural walls to practice rappelling and climbing and a long zip line that crosses the jungle.

You won’t regret taking this tour if you are a nature lover and need a good dose of adrenaline.

Hire a tour

If you want to feel safe and get the most out of your adventure, go with the experts.

You will find several tours to guarantee an exciting jungle adventure experience.

Most of these tours depart from San Cristobal de las Casas and make their first stop at the Las Guacamayas Tourist Center in the Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve.

Las Guacamayas was created to preserve the Red Macaw, a beautiful bird species of great importance in pre-Hispanic civilizations and currently at risk of extinction.

Get the best rates for Las Guacamayas Lodge Resort

The place has all the amenities for a pleasant stay, including cabins, restaurants, nature trails, and much more.

To begin the tour, you just have to throw your luggage in the cabin and head to the Lacanctun River, where you can jump into its delicious waters while appreciating the vast diversity of flora and fauna.

After sleeping in Las Guacamayas, the following day, you will leave for Las Nubes, admiring the waterfalls from the nature trails and appreciating beautiful views from the suspension bridge and the lookout point.

Hotels near Las Nubes, Chiapas

las nubes chiapas
Ecolodge Las Nubes

Within the Ejido Las Nubes is the Ecolodge Las Nubes Causas Verdes, an establishment in the middle of the jungle with the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay.

The place has a restaurant and WIFI, and the rustically decorated rooms have a terrace overlooking the gardens and a private bathroom.

More modern lodging options are available in the Magical Town of Comitan de Domínguez.

The Hotel Hacienda de Los Angeles is one of the most complete and well-equipped hotels in town, with all the essential services, including an indoor pool to relax.

Another alternative in Comitán is the Lirice Colonial Hotel.

As its name suggests, it is a colonial-style building with a beautiful central patio, comfortable rooms with colorful decorations, and 24-hour guest service.

Important rules

  • Lights out time is at 10 pm
  • No littering on the trail
  • No collecting plants
  • Do not bring firearms or sporting weapons
  • Non-compliance will be sanctioned

How to get to Las Nubes, Chiapas

Las Nubes is 130 kilometers from Comitán de Domínguez; the only way to get there is by land.

You’ll first arrive at the Laguna de Montebello National Park and take the southern border highway to the 60 km signpost.

Once there, you can enjoy all that Chiapas has for you and fall in love immediately.

I hope you enjoy your trip here, and please stay safe. Vamonos!