Traveler’s Blacklist: 11 Travel Destinations To Stay Away From on Your Next Vacay

The world is filled with amazing places to visit, but not all of them are worth the trip. As travelers, we’ve all had our share of travel nightmares we don’t want to revisit. World travelers in an online forum chimed in on the worst destinations they’ve been, so here are the worst places to travel to if you’re looking for a truly memorable vacation.

1. Brussel, Belgium

Manneken Pis in Brussels
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Belgium is famous for its waffles and beer, but those aren’t enough to convince one sojourner that it’s a good place. She describes her experience: “Just passing through, but the people were thoroughly unhelpful even though I speak French.” A second respondent says “that the further from Brussels you are, the nicer the people.”

2. Lake Azov, Ukraine

Aerial view of the Ukrainian flag waving in the wind against the city of Kyiv, Ukraine near the famous statue of Motherland.
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Azov has hit the headlines numerous times this year for the valiant rebuff of its soldiers defending their homeland. By one person’s account, it should be renamed “mosquito hub,” especially in the summer. “I have never in my life experienced so many mosquitoes. A biblical scale,” he exclaims. Someone else says the population of mosquitoes in Azov is ungodly, and not even a reasonably thick cotton shirt can save you from their bloodsucking stings.

3. Mogadishu, Somalia

Baidoa, Somalia
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War-torn and desolate, one user says Mogadishu makes for his worst travel experience. But other forum members didn’t have it. “That’s the capital city of Somalia, right? Somalia has a Level 4 travel advisory saying, ‘Do Not Travel’ Why were you there?” one irritated member questions.

4. Canberra, Australia

Apollo Bay township, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia
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Someone describes Canberra as a “genreless, non-descript place.” A second person say there just wasn’t much to do, and a final user thinks Canberra is not a touristy place for most people and would only make for an enjoyable experience if you love nerdy things.

5. The Republic of Albania

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“The only tolerable thing was some scenic nature when traveling far away from everything; other than that, Albania is a sad place,” one user insists. “Every beach we visited was full of jetski jerks, waterbikes, and garbage.” Someone says it gets worse because you must rent beach spots at exorbitant prices, even if you’re lying on the beach.

6. Marmaris, Turkey

Natural travertine pools and terraces in Pamukkale. Cotton castle in southwestern Turkey
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Turkey has become one of the choice global hubs for medical and cosmetic travel, but that doesn’t cut it in the books of one traveler who remembers Marmaris in Turkey for its “constant harassment from locals who assume you’re rich.” Another contributor says, “People are hagglers there.

7. Branson, Missouri

gardens and fountains at Branson Landing in Branson, Missouri
Image Credit: Shutterstock/Rosemarie Mosteller

Disappointed by the lackluster scenes of Branson, an individual vows never to visit again until he’s a senior citizen. A second tourist says, “The best thing I got out of that place was a speeding ticket trying to get away from it.”

8. Dominican Republic

Saona Island, Dominican Republic
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One user complains that visiting the Dominican Republic offered an underwhelming experience, contrary to the luxury advertised. “I was at a destination wedding at a resort in the Dominican Republic. I paid full price for a room that wasn’t as nice as advertised (jungle view was actually a vista of more unsettling buildings), and they wouldn’t stop pestering us to attend timeshare sales meetings. It wasn’t safe to venture off the resort. Never going back,” she insists. Someone else on the thread says her experience is relatable, describing the Dominican Republic as “trashy.”

9. Salao, Portugal

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Salao is a never-again destination for one traveler who narrates his horrible experience like this:” We went to a ‘family’ hotel. It turns out they meant families full of drunkards letting their little cherubs run rampant while they got obliterated by the all-inclusive alcohol and fighting. I’ve never been so glad to see the grey skies of Britain in my life,” he adds. Responding, someone cheekily says they are sure that’s what family hotel means.

10. Paris, France

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
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While Paris enjoys raving media reviews, several respondents say they weren’t impressed with their visit. In a bitter tirade, one adventurer lashes out at how awful the destination is. “I always dreamed of going to Paris for some reason and went a few years ago. The roughest and most unsafe place I’ve ever been.” A second respondent says, “Paris Syndrome is real, and it encapsulates the sense of shock and disappointment felt by visitors that expect the popular version of the ‘city of love’ only to meet the jarring reality.”

11. Venice, Italy

Rialto Bridge, Venice, Italy
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Certainly one of the most romantic cities in the world, Venice has become a victim of its own popularity. Tourists flock to this Italian city for its marvelous architecture and unique canals but they are also greeted by huge crowds, overpriced restaurants, and notorious street scammers. “There’s a rule about Venice: never visit in the summertime,” says one thread participant.

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