The Highest Temperatures Are Recorded at These 10 Scorching Places Around the World

Many of us would love to escape the heat during the summer months, but some places on Earth are so hot that even the most dedicated sunseekers won’t be able to handle it. As global temperatures continue to rise, these 10 places have recorded the highest temperatures ever on the planet.

1. Death Valley, California 

Death Valley
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During summer, the temperature in Death Valley soars above 133°F (56°C). It holds the record for being the hottest place on the planet. Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson went on a road trip through Death Valley, and they estimated you wouldn’t survive past the 14-hour mark without water. 

2. Dasht-e Lut, Iran

Desert road in Iran, Dasht-e-Lut
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Dasht-e Lut is a vast desert in southeastern Iran, one of the hottest and driest places. The average temperature is 118 °F (48°C) in summer and could rise to a blistering 159°F (70.7°C). The heat of Dasht-e Lut overshadows the lure of its vast salt flats and towering dunes, which could have made for a tourist paradise. 

3. Kebili, Tunisia 

Palm trees in Douz, Kebili, Tunisia, Africa
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One of the oldest oases in Tunisia and North Africa, Kebili is considered the hottest place in Africa. In 1931, Kebili reached a temperature of 131°F (55°C) but has continued to average a little above 104°F (40°C) in the years after.  

4. Turbat, Pakistan 

TURBAT, PK - Jan 01, 2022: A shepherd with a herd of sheep
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While Pakistan may not be the first place that comes to mind when planning a vacation, its extreme temperatures make it an even less appealing destination. In Turbat, despite its proximity to the Kech River, temperatures can soar to a sweltering 127°F (53°C). Sadly, the river takes nothing away from the heat as it stays hot all year round. 

5. Mitribah, Kuwait

Kuwait City, Kuwait, January 22 2021, Amazing Kuwait Tower
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Kuwait is so hot that temperatures in the northern city of Mitribah can reach a scorching 122°F (50°C). The World Meteorological Organization certifies Mitribah as among the hottest spots on Earth. 

6. Aziziyah, Libya

Tripoli, Libya - December 27, 2020: Capital of Libya, Tripoli seafront skyline view.
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Aziziyah is a significant trade route, but the scorching heat doesn’t make travel easy in the region. Temperatures reached a towering high of 136°F (58°C) on September 13, 1922, but pegs at 118F (48°C) on average. Even if you love to lounge in the sun or tan in the heat, the intensity of Aziziyah doesn’t offer much respite. 

7. Bandar-e Mahshahr, Khuzestan, Iran

Landscape of Khuzestan Province, Iran, Asia
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Bandar-e Mahshahr is notorious for its hot air. While the records are sketchy, it’s believed to have one of the highest heat indexes ever recorded, with air temperature reaching a staggering 158°F (70°C). In Bandar-e Mahshahr, breathable, cool air is not free. 

8. Dallol, Ethiopia 

Dallol depression Ethiopia - Nov. 20 2015 - Danakil desert tour
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Dallol in northern Ethiopia is famous for being one of the hottest inhabited places on Earth. Surrounded by scorching hot springs and salt lakes, Dallol reaches a 93°F (34°C) temperature reading on a casual summer day. Even an ardent sun lover might feel uncomfortable at those high temperatures.

9. Wadi Halfa, Sudan 

Wadi Halfa, Sudan – 10.17.2022: trucks, rickshaws, and pedestrians on the dusty streets of the Sudanese border town
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Wadi Halfa is located along the Nile River, and despite its proximity to the earth’s longest water body, it often gets sizzling hot. Tourists are advised to come with protective sunglasses, ice packs, and coolant when visiting Wadi Halfa. 

10. Ouargla, Algeria

Ouargla, Algeria - December 24, 2015: The Symbolic palm tree of the Algerian Desert.
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Temperatures in Ouargla hit a record high of 124° (51.3°C) in 2018, placing it side by side with the hottest places on the planet that year. Summer can be dry and windy, but it gets tolerable in winter. Tourists who want to see the Ouargla landscape’s captivating awe can schedule a winter tour when the heat is not threatening. 

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