12 Unspoken Rules of Air Travel Everyone Needs To Learn and Abide By

Air travel rules are pretty well-outlined: Refrain from smoking, keep your seatbelt on, and don’t argue with the flight attendants. However, there are plenty of unspoken rules that, based on the behavior of countless people, clearly need to be explained to the general public. Luckily, seasoned travelers recently discussed these unspoken rules in a recent online forum.

1. Use Headphones

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In recent years, many travelers have listened to music or watched videos completely unencumbered by headphones, much to the dismay of their fellow passengers. Use headphones, people! Don’t annoy the entire plane because you’re too self-involved to use the headphones everyone saw you use while waiting to board.

2. Understand What a Flight Attendant Is Saying to You

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When a flight attendant approaches you mid-flight, it’s because you need to change your attitude, pronto. “When the flight attendant asks you to do something, they’re not actually asking,” reveals one traveler. “They’re telling you nicely. And when they request something from you, that is the rule of law on that plane, and you will obey.” 

3. Don’t Bare Your Feet

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News flash, travelers: Feet smell! While it’s technically not against the rules to pop your socks off and go total troglodyte, it’s gross. Even if you don’t notice the smell, everybody else can smell your sweaty feet. So don’t be the person who is barefoot on a plane.

4. Don’t Clap When the Plane Lands

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Act like you’ve been on a plane before. Experiencing minor turbulence for a few minutes en route to Ohio isn’t cause for celebration when you finally touch down in Toledo. Clapping when the plane lands is a total rookie mistake. 

5. Go Easy on the Cologne

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I get it, you are worried that being inside a floating metal tube with lackluster ventilation will cause you to sweat more than usual. But, on behalf of all other travelers, I must tell you: The cheap cologne you doused yourself in before you boarded smells infinitely worse than any natural body odor!

6. Be Courteous

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It’s no secret that, upon arrival, everyone would like to make a mad dash for the exit. But, as many travelers advise, being courteous and civilized during this time is essential. “No matter the line size behind you, you always give the person in front of you the opportunity to exit first,” one savvy traveler says. 

7. Red Eye Flights Are for Sleeping

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A flight can be vastly more enjoyable if more people use common sense – and common courtesy – in the air. “Don’t have full-volume conversations (or any conversation) on a red-eye flight,” reveals one woman, who clearly was at the mercy of some particularly-chatty people recently. 

8. Have Patience at Baggage Claim

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Has anybody ever been the owner of the first bag to come through baggage claim? You’ll often be waiting a few minutes for your checked bag, so relax a little bit. “Your knees don’t have to be pressed against the luggage belt to get your luggage,” laments one woman. “Stand the heck back; yours isn’t even coming off first.”

9. Realize That Some People Don’t Want To Talk

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Just because you sit next to a stranger does not mean the stranger wants to have a conversation. More often than not, travelers use airplanes to get from point A to point B, not to increase their social circle. 

10. Don’t Be a Seat-Swap Requester

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There are plenty of opportunities to purchase the precise plane seat you want ahead of time. Crossing your fingers and praying a good samaritan will switch seats with you after you board is a disaster in the making.

“Don’t request someone else’s (usually more expensive) seat unless you have a good reason to,” explains one woman. “Your child’s first flight or wanting to use the window as a sleeping wall are not good enough reasons. I’m sorry.”

11. Help People if You Can

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If you see someone struggling with inserting their carry-on luggage into the overhead compartment, help that person! Not only is it a kind thing to do, but you’re potentially saving other passengers from the literal headache of receiving a 20-pound carry-on to the skull.

12. Be Expedient in the Security Line

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Going through airport security is something everyone has to experience, yet countless people still get to the conveyor belt woefully unprepared! One of the biggest unspoken rules is to be expedient in the security line. Many advise you don’t hold up the entire line because you were too lazy to unlace your boots, pull your laptop out, or take off your belt as if it was your first time flying. 

Source: Reddit.

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