10 Places in America Foreigners Should Avoid at All Cost According to Americans

Visiting the United States is filled with excitement and adventure – especially if you’re visiting from another country. There aren’t many nations that can offer more to foreign visitors than America! However, tourists should think twice about visiting certain places. Recently, U.S. citizens and tourists met in an online discussion to reveal the places foreigners should avoid at all costs.

1. Yellowstone National Park Hot Springs

Geothermal hotsprings in Yellowstone National Park, USA
Image Credit: Shutterstock/Tomas Nevesely

Visiting Yellowstone is a cathartic experience for many tourists, but many foreigners don’t realize the immense danger the park’s hot springs present! Many tourists have died from getting too close. “I read about a man who wanted to get a closer look at Old Faithful, so he stuck his face right over the spout,” reports one man. “He did it between eruptions, so he didn’t die, but I hope he doesn’t have children; those are not genes that I want to get passed on.”

2. Trenton, New Jersey

Trenton, New Jersey
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

While New Jersey works hard to shed its Jersey Shore party reputation, its capital city is arguably beyond repair. Residents confess they are embarrassed by Trenton and beg foreigners not to visit! From the run-down streets to the dilapidated and deserted buildings, there’s nothing for tourists to see or experience that paints Trenton positively. (Let’s be honest, I doubt many foreigners have Trenton on their must-visit list anyway.)

3. Greyhound Bus Stations

PHILADELPHIA, USA - APRIL 24, 2021: Greyhound: Bus Station in Philadelphia, spring
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

As many people can attest, Greyhound bus stations are among the worst buildings in the United States. Travel by Greyhound only as a last resort because once you step inside one of their bus stations, you’ll regret it immediately. Save yourself the hassle; consider renting a car instead of taking a bus.

4. Death Valley

artist palette Star Wars filming location in Death Valley national park
Image Credit: Deposit Photos

The oppressive heat in Death Valley during the typical tourist travel season makes it one of the worst places to visit! One traveler couldn’t believe how hot it was. “I’ve experienced this degree of hotness during summers (I live in India) for a few hours when I have shops to take shelter in,” reveals one Indian woman. “Hiking would be the last thing on my mind. I was sipping constant lemonades and had protective head coverings soaked in water all the way home. Your skin feels like it’s burning. I can’t imagine what it would do to people from colder climates.”

5. Large Chain Restaurants

american restaurant
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Avoid dining at large chain restaurants if you’re from outside the U.S. and want to experience America’s best cuisine. Their meals are uninspired, bland, and overpriced — you’ve traveled this far; don’t you want to enjoy the best cuisine possible? The best food you’ll find will be at smaller mom-and-pop establishments in cities nationwide. Ask around; it’s worth it!

6. Hollywood

The Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles, California
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Avoid Hollywood at all costs unless you’re traveling to southern California solely to see the Walk of Fame. Hollywood is located in one of the ugliest neighborhoods of Los Angeles and is nothing like the Hollywood you imagine. Instead, consider places like Venice Beach, Santa Monica, or downtown L.A. for the whole experience!

7. The Mall of America

The Mall of America
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

While it’s marketed as a shopper’s utopia, the Mall of America is nothing more than the ultimate tourist trap. In the end, it’s just a mall. “Why would you ever go there?” asks one man. “I see tons of people from the Middle East constantly visiting there. Unless you’re from the rural outback or Patagonia, you have probably seen a Victoria’s Secret and Macy’s before. There aren’t enough boutique shops to make it worthwhile, and Nickelodeon Universe is only fun if you’re under ten years old.”

8. New Orleans During Mardi Gras

New Orleans, Louisiana
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

I remember visiting New Orleans and being thankful I didn’t come during Mardis Gras! Although the weeks-long celebration is an iconic part of New Orleans culture, it’s not recommended for tourists. Many people warn that the festivities are too chaotic to enjoy the city fully — after all, how can you enjoy Cajun cuisine if you’re too drunk to remember eating it?

9. All of Mississippi

Jackson, Mississippi, USA skyline over the Capitol Building.
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

If you’re a foreign tourist debating visiting Mississippi, let me make it easy for you: don’t. Not even Americans who live in Mississippi enjoy living there! “You see Americans bash the state all the time, but they really aren’t just memes,” explains one resident. “It’s miserable here, the government works against you, and the people are (understandably) in a constant state of unpleasantness.”

10. Six Flags Theme Parks

Aerial of a theme park, roller coasters, blue sky, scenic clouds, background, after the storm. Six Flags Magic Mountain Amusement Park Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Valencia
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

There are 24 Six Flags theme parks scattered throughout the United States, and according to countless people, they all have one thing in common: they’re not worth it. If you’re visiting America for the first time, the last thing you want to do is spend hours upon hours waiting in line and spending your hard-earned money on overpriced concessions. If you must visit a theme park, consider Universal Studios instead!

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