What Europeans Wish They Have: 12 Ways America Is Actually Superior to Europe

The way of life in every corner of the world is different and unique as each has its own beauty and quirks. But those who have lived in both Europe and America can argue that there are some things America does better than Europe. Take this recent online discussion that triggered a conversation about the ways America trumps Europe.

1. The National Parks System

Moab, Utah USA - October 19, 2019: Tourists enjoying the natural beauty of the Double Arch in Arches National Park.
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People are near-unanimous in praising the United States National Parks System. There’s nothing like it anywhere on Earth, and it’s a testament to the natural beauty found throughout America. “There just isn’t that much completely untouched wilderness in Europe,” admits one European. We have national parks here too, but a lot of them have farms and traditional villages on them — they’re just not allowed to be further developed except in a really limited way.

2. More Convenient Stores

Cayucos, California/USA-January 11, 2020 Cayucos is a charming beach town in San Luis Obispo County, CA. Antique stores, restaurants, galleries, historic buildings - all just steps from the beach
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Unlike in Europe, it doesn’t matter if you suddenly need a plunger, diet soda, or new headphones at three o’clock in the morning if you live in America. The abundance of convenient stores, complete with accessible hours and locations, gives America a leg up in the mind of the typical consumer.

3. Central Heating and Air Conditioning

Home central heating system
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Everyone can agree that the abundance of central heating and air conditioning definitively gives the U.S. the upper hand over most of Europe! “Heat waves hurt us in the United States, but at least we have central air conditioning,” says one man. “I remember seeing pictures of people in their birthday suits on patios trying to get away from that United Kingdom heat wave.”

4. Free Water

Female runner fills up water bottle outdoors at the public park
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One of the most underrated aspects of American restaurant culture is access to free water. In Europe, due to plumbing systems in desperate need of modernization, restaurants and bars charge customers for bottled water since they can’t offer it for free through their tap system.

5. Beer

pouring beer into glasses things to do in kalamazoo michigan

Nobody does beer like America! Offering easy-drinking light beer to ultra-bitter craft brews with high alcohol content, the United States is a beer-lovers paradise. Don’t get me wrong, Europe also produces quality beers, but the sheer volume of wonderfully different brews can only be found in the United States.

6. Free Public Restrooms

Perspective of men restroom
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Many American visitors are confused by the public restroom situation in Europe. Shockingly, there are no free public restrooms! If nature calls, establishments require you to be a paying customer to use their facilities. This sharply contrasts with how things go down in the United States.

7. Safer Drop-Offs for Children at Schools

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According to many parents, the American school system has one defining advantage over its European counterpart: its easy and safe drop-off system for kids. “I am jealous of U.S. schools’ drop-off and pick-up system,” confesses one woman. “In the United Kingdom, it’s utter carnage: Idiots parking on pavements, kids nearly getting run over, having to park half a mile away and walk them into school. Thankfully, my daughter is starting high school in September, and it’s within walking distance!”

8. Water Pressure

Man fixing shower head.
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Nobody realizes how good American water pressure is until they take a trip overseas. One person puts everything in perspective by offering his simple review of European water pressure. “Dual citizen here,” he says. “In Europe, it feels like I’m standing under a watering can whenever I shower.”

9. Drive-Through ATMs

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Thanks in no small part to the nature of their road system and urban planning, drive-through ATMs are hard to find in Europe. Comparatively, there are drive-through ATMs on every other block in America! This convenient access to cash is something that Europe would be wise to copy.

10. Service in Restaurants

Waitress takes the tip. The waiter female receives a tip from the client at the hotel bar. The concept of service
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Due to the overreliance on tipping in the United States, many Europeans report receiving much better service in America than at home. There’s something to be sad about a hard-working server or bartender willing to bend over backward to obtain a great tip!

11. Innovation

Medical Development Laboratory: Caucasian Female Scientist Looking Under Microscope, Analyzes Petri Dish Sample. Specialists Working on Medicine, Biotechnology Research in Advanced Pharma Lab
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When it comes to technological innovation, no other area in the world can touch what the U.S. brings to the table. “You probably posted this on a device designed in America, using chips designed in America, running software accessing an American website over an internet which originated in America, running on infrastructure designed in America,” reveals one man. “None of this is accidental.”

12. Turning Right at Red Lights

EL RENO, OKLAHOMA—SEPTEMBER 2017: A public school bus stops on a red light at the corner of Country Club Road and Sunset Drive in El Reno, Oklahoma.
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The U.S. has mastered the art of logical traffic patterns! Turning right on a red light (safety-permitting, of course) is a wholly American amenity. Many Europeans confess this is the one aspect of American life they are jealous of!

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