No Wedding Bells Here: 11 Careers People Think Are Relationship Deal Breakers

The idea of settling down and having a family is something many people dream about, but when it comes to certain careers, some people may feel like they can’t have both. Whether it’s the unpredictable work hours, the amount of travel involved, or other factors, these jobs are thought of as incompatible with having a successful relationship and family. Here is a look at 11 jobs that people in an online forum consider as less than ideal for married life.

1. Stand-Up Comedian: Laughter Is Not Always the Best Medicine

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Think twice before tying the knot with a stand-up comedian. We often enjoy their personal stories that tickle our funny bones. However, for one unfortunate ex, things turned sour. One poster’s comedian ex made him the unwilling star of their act. He noted, “She used a lot of personal, private details about my life for a 15-minute bit.” Yikes! Isn’t it cringe-worthy when humor comes at the expense of your secrets?

2. Actor: Lights, Camera, No Action in the Marriage

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Many of us have had celebrity crushes at one point or another. However, as tempting as it may be, the reality of marrying a celebrity may not be so pleasant. One person with work experience in Hollywood advises against it unless you’re a fan of people who won’t take off time for you.

3. Surgeon: Saving Lives and Killing Relationships

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Most forum users are not fans of surgeons. Orthopedic surgeons, in particular, are perceived as arrogant. However, these stereotypes are not set in stone. Someone reported having a wholesome experience with a vascular surgeon who was incredibly patient and polite on duty.

4. Psychic: Love in the Age of Clairvoyance

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If you’re one, then you should have seen this coming. Psychics don’t have a good reputation, as someone who mentions their fake profession implies their inauthenticity as a partner. However, things might be worse if they are real psychics since you can never surprise them—no more gift-giving. And worst of all, you’ll be reprimanded for the stuff you’ve not even done yet.

5. Teacher: The Bell Never Rings

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It may not appear to be the case, but teachers don’t have it easy. Teachers themselves suggest not marrying one because of how hectic the job is. It creeps up into your personal life. Hence, achieving a work-life balance becomes difficult.

6. Soldier: Love on the Front Line

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You could be passionate about the army from afar, but the dynamics shift when dating someone in the military. As many folks highlight, having a partner who is away on duty is difficult. It becomes challenging to make decisions or plan a life of permanence.

7. Televangelist: A Match Made in Heaven?

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Understandably, many folks are not fans of those who exploit followers in the name of preaching. Someone mentions how looking at Kenneth Copeland makes them realize what someone without a soul looks like. Eerie.

8. Cop: To Serve and Protect, but Not Always Love

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Some people had troubling experiences with the cops. One person voices their disapproval of a job where authority by force or fear is the primary way of conducting it. A second user mentions seeing some good people turn bad after spending time in the field.

9. Crypto Pusher: Paying the Price of Love

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Nothing wrong with crypto, but some people take things too far. Someone narrates their colleague’s experience of dating a crypto pusher. Let’s just say seeing hashtags such as #CryptoMillionaire is cringe.

10. Influencer: Followers First, Spouse Second

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As someone points out, privacy is bound to be compromised when you’re with an influencer. Plus, keeping up with their ever-changing and costly lifestyle can exhaust you. Unless you want to get paparazzied by your own partner, marrying an influencer isn’t for you.

11. Pediatrician: Babies All Day, No Love All Night

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Pediatricians are not bad people. However, as one person mentions, they are known to have little patients (and patience). But hey, at least they’re good with kids.

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