11 of the Craziest Interview Questions People Had To Face in the Name of Getting a Job

Whatever the reason may be, some interviewers just love to ask thought-provoking brain teasers and downright bizarre scenarios. From the interviewee’s perspective, they could be seen as either a challenge or a test of how you react to an uncomfortable situation. But no matter how they come across, some of these questions usually have nothing to do with the job itself. Men and women in an online forum shared some of the craziest interview questions they have ever had to face in their quest for a job.

1. Nothing To Do with Computers

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An interviewee was thrown off balance when asked a question about their computer skills, to which they replied with a hesitant “Uh, yeah?” The interviewer, seemingly undeterred by the confusion, fired off a follow-up question about the difference between hardware and software, which our interviewee was able to answer as well.

But then the interviewer replied, “Okay, name a few pieces of hardware and what they do.” This went on with more computer-related questions ahead. The twist? The job had absolutely nothing to do with computers. Just imagine the confusion and disbelief the interviewee must have felt.

2. Patriarchal Employer

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“Would your husband be alright with you working?” It does not get any more misogynistic than this! Thankfully this individual had a killer response, “Yes, and I am alright about him leaving the house at times to go to work too.”

3. Are You Smarter Than an Eighth Grader?

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Who thought not paying attention in middle school would have you losing a software company job years later? One individual was given a four-page test based on grade eighth Math and English. Yikes!

4. The GPS Candidate

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One voiced their experience being inquired about their route to the company. Please note that besides having a solid resume and terrific experience, you must become a human GPS too! Good luck to you if you’re geographically challenged.

5. When Job Hiring Turns Into a Reality Show

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All you need to pass an interview is to bring some delicious brownies to score everyone. Or at least that is so in this bizarre case, “Can we interview you with all our employees present and make sure they like you too?” Some workplaces like to play a game of employee rating. Why use Curriculum Vitaes when first impressions will do the trick?

6. Supernatural Abilities

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“Tell me, what did I forget to ask you?” It is not enough to come prepared and hone the necessary skills; you must also awaken your supernatural powers and read the employer’s mind to bag your dream job!

7. One Big Family

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One person discloses facing the following situation, “Can you be more like a family member to us than an employee?” What a strange thing to ask for! What’s next? Firing the HR department and hiring a family therapist? Goodness!

8. Hit and Win?

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Job requirements are changing drastically. For example, a forum member says his interviewer handed him a brick and inquired what he would do with it. Upon admitting he would hit the boss, the company instantly hired him. Who knew violence was a high-demand skill in the field of IT?

9. Welcome to the Jungle

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Several individuals say they were asked what animal they wished to be. Are the hirers looking for a sloth, bear, or lion? You can’t be sure what the employer is looking for, but one thing is certain – it’s a jungle out there!

10. Honey Loving Bears

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Ah – the classic one! “Which Winnie the Pooh character would you be?” Because when it comes down to analyzing someone’s skills, nothing screams professionalism like relating to a stuffed bear with an insatiable love for honey. Personally, I’d be Eeyore.

11. Office Scream Fest

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Just when you think it cannot get any weirder, an individual admits to being asked if the interviewer could yell at him for ten minutes. What’s next? Being challenged to wrestle a lion or juggle chainsaws? What weird questions have you been asked?

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