Stop Bleeding Cash: Ditch These 11 Wallet Wreckers Right Away

Ah, money! The cause of, and solution to, most of life’s peculiar problems. We slave away to earn it, scheming how to multiply it or, if you fancy some fun, simply waste it on brilliantly unnecessary things.

Waste Not, Want Not

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True or false: You’re not known for wasting money. Well, hold on to your wallet because we’re about to dive into some serious money-saving shenanigans. This isn’t about clipping coupons or turning off the lights—we’re going way beyond all that.

1. “Organic” Vegetables

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Some people just love shelling out extra cash for that “organic” label on their veggies. But let’s put things into perspective. Even Harvard agrees that while organic produce may carry fewer pesticide residues, the amounts found in both organic and conventionally grown produce are safe for consumption. And get this: cooking vegetables well is proven to protect us from those residues anyway.

As an Internet user said, “All vegetables are organic, you’re just paying extra for the word.” So before you fill your cart with those pricey organic carrots, pause. It might be time to reconsider your options.

2. Running the Smartphone Rat Race

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Upgrading your smartphone annually is downright dumb. How often will you succumb to the marketing appeal of Apple’s latest advertising campaign, convincing yourself that the upgraded camera lens or newfangled phone design is worth a new $1,000 contract with Verizon?

And how many times will you re-experience that sinking realization that it’s virtually the same phone you already had? Fool a smartphone customer once; shame on the manufacturer. Fool the customer twice; shame on the customer.

3. Non-Essential Designer Clothes

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The nature of fashion is that it’s trendy this Summer, played out by Fall. If you’re buying a bag, top, hoodie, or pair of shoes because they’re timeless and made with pristine quality, that’s one thing. If you’re merely riding the senseless fashion wave, you’ll regret it as one of the many things that are a waste of money.

4. DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Other Food Delivery Services

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No purchase is easier to rationalize than food delivery. I’m tired. I worked a long day. At least I’m not going out for dinner. I’ll short-change the delivery person and save a few bucks. 

Cut the delusion. You’re wasting money. Make a ham and cheese sammy and wait for the thank you from your future self.

5. Splurging On the First Date

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Would you agree to spend $1,000 on a puppy sight unseen? Would it make sense to purchase an expensive sports car without knowing what kind of vehicle you were buying? Then why would you take a completely unknown person on a date to a fancy restaurant?

6. Barbershop Beard Trims

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Men deserve to splurge on a professional beard trim once in a blue moon. However, anyone spending even an extra $10 or $20 having a barber trim their beard is fiscally reckless. Buy a pair of beard-trimming scissors and save yourself a beardload of money over the long run.

7. Fireworks

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Fireworks are literally fire, don’t get me wrong. They’re awesome. But sparklers, bottle rockets, and Roman candles are rare purchases that will perish in front of your eyes.

In most cases, you’ll watch your money explode in mere seconds. Best case, you’ll get a few minutes out of it. Let’s compromise—What do you say we limit the fireworks purchases to once every few years?

8. College

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Hot take: The ship has sailed on college. Starting off your career already $100,000 (or more) in the hole? That doesn’t make much sense.

Even for professionals in STEM and white-collar professions, graduate school means more debt and a deeper hole to climb out of. Some careers will more than cover the cost of education. Most, though, won’t come close.

9. Mobile Games

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Let me get this straight. You’re spending real, finite money in a digital world to gain an advantage in competitions that will grant you no real-world status? And please spare me the “I get joy from beating up on digital opponents” schpiel.

You could have put that money towards a house, car, or other tangible assets. What are we doing here?

Listen and listen good:

  • Put the debit card back in your wallet.
  • Play Grand Theft Auto V story mode for the fifteenth time.
  • Make adult financial decisions.

10. Purchases for the Sake of Impressing Others

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The Corvette, Gucci bag, or mansion will never sit right with you if you purchase them to impress others. Vanity is expensive and ultimately hollow. That’s deep.

11. Warranties

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Buying insurance for a flat-screen television, saw, or even a phone is often a bad deal. Even when you need the warranty, you’ll usually pay a deductible (best case) or find that fine print prevents you from collecting on your warranty purchase.

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