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Best Caribbean Island For Older Couples

Crystal clear turquoise waters, warm sunny days, white sandy beaches, and tropical cocktails, the Caribbean is a fabulous holiday destination for older travelers. But which island is the best? This article looks at several Caribbean islands perfect for older couples. …

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Which Beach is Better, St. Pete or Clearwater?

The beaches in Florida are some of the most famous in the United States for a good reason. Two of these lovely beaches sit next to each other, St. Pete and Clearwater Beach. So, which is better? Let’s find out! …

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Where Is The Clearest Water In Fiji?

Fiji is a nation famous for its distinctly clear water, and many of its islands have become extremely popular as vacation resorts and honeymoon destinations. While going on holiday in Fiji can be somewhat tricky, the scenery there is remarkable, …

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Where Should You Live Near Big Sur?

Big Sur is considered one of the most beautiful areas in California. This incredible stretch of rugged coastline along the central coast of California spans between the picturesque cities of Carmel-by-the-sea and San Simeon. Big Sur is bordered on the …

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Can You Wear A Swimsuit In Dubai?

Visitors to Dubai are often highly concerned about dress codes while visiting the Emirate. As Dubai is an Islamic state despite its heavy Western influence, it is understandable. Due to an enormous tourist population, Dubai is somewhat more lenient with …

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Best Walking Beaches In The Caribbean

Many visitors are drawn to the Caribbean islands each year for their holiday retreat. These islands offer the tourist beautiful tropical weather with glorious blue skies, glamorous resorts, and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. People from …

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Which Hawaiian Island Is Cheapest?

If you are planning a visit to Hawaii and are on a tight budget, you might be wondering what island is the cheapest. We researched all Hawaiian Islands to find the least expensive one to visit. Let’s find out which …

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Best Beaches Between Santa Cruz And Monterey

When in California, it’s difficult for one to resist the urge to explore some of the magnificent beaches between Santa Cruz and Monterey. One can find several beaches along the bay between the two counties, and one might wonder which …

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Why Is New York Ocean Water So Dark?

I was recently on holiday in the big apple, and I noted that the ocean water was extremely dark. I had never been to New York, and I wondered if this was normal. I found the dark water interesting and …

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Which Is Better, Carmel By The Sea Or Monterey?

Are you planning a getaway somewhere in Monterey County and unsure where and what to do? You might be stuck between Monterey and Carmel by the Sea. Which one is better for you? Monterey has a busier city life vibe …

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