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Most Dangerous Beaches In Massachusetts

Are you looking to visit a beach in Massachusetts, wondering which beaches to go to, or in this case, NOT to visit? You might have little children or have seen headlines that some beaches in Massachusetts are not safe. Which …

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Which Beach Is Better, Huntington or Long Beach?

There are numerous aspects to consider while selecting a vacation spot. It can be tough to select amongst the many tourist towns and beach resorts along the US coast. Huntington Beach and Long Beach are two of the most popular …

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Are All Beaches Free And Open To The Public 00

Are All Beaches Free And Open To The Public?

There’s nothing quite like lazing around on the beach with the fresh ocean breeze running through your hair. Whether you are a tourist, a surfer, or a resident, not being allowed on the beach is disappointing. When planning which beach …

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What Are the Warmest Beaches in California 00

What Are The Warmest Beaches In California?

The California coast offers many lovely beaches where swimming, surfing, and relaxing can be done all year round. In this article, we look at where the warmest beaches in California are located so you can enjoy your next beach holiday …

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7 Longest Beaches In Australia 00

7 Longest Beaches In Australia

There is just something about white sandy beaches stretching far and wide. Being surrounded by the ocean, we can assume that some of the longest beaches are in Australia. Out of all the beaches in Australia, which are the longest? …

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What is the Safest Beach Town in New Jersey 00

What Is The Safest Beach Town In New Jersey?

With fun activities, white sandy beaches, busy boardwalks, and lively nightlife, beach towns around New Jersey are the most popular destination during the summer. This article looks at beach towns that are the safest to visit. New Jersey’s coastline stretches …

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Best Beaches In New Jersey With Boardwalk 00

Best Beaches In New Jersey With A Boardwalk

A trip to Jersey Shore demands visiting one of these fantastic boardwalks. So whether you merely want to exercise or you want to take in all of the amusements that they have to offer, visiting New Jersey’s coastal boardwalks is …

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Best Beach Towns To Retire West Coast 00

Best Beach Towns To Retire On The West Coast

The vitality of youth and a strong belief in the future virtually guarantees that the last thing young people want to consider is their own infallibility and the gradual onset of old age. Indeed, 73% of adults in the West …

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Best Family Beaches Near Fort Myers 00

Best Family Beaches Near Fort Myers

With summer fast approaching, finding family beaches seems like an impossible task. Yet, spending time unplugged with your family is the best way to build memories. Fort Myers has several family-friendly beaches that are perfect for you to spend the …

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7 Oldest Beaches In The World 00

7 Oldest Beaches In The World

The coastlines of the world are continually changing. Powerful waves sweep the sands of ocean floors onto dry land. They erode shoreline rocks into sand taken into the ocean depths. The beaches where dinosaurs and Neanderthal men walked are now …

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